Teachings of Cathedral Grove Treedom, August 2017

The Teachings of Cathedral Grove Treedom             August 2017

Channeled by Fiona MacEachern


I could feel the connection just approaching the forest. The unconditional love – followed by the deep sadness of the trees loosing their friends, their fellow species in the North East of the province through  hundreds of runaway wildfires, fought by firefighters from BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Australia, Mexico and New Zealand.


Theta connection with Light Language


‘Us- here- the only place left in the world- it is up to us, this straggly group, we have succumbed to disease and death by fire- roadways, paving, light work, and the best we can do is band our energy together to keep working towards peace and commitment to life hereafter.

Source Energy is shifting us, grooming us for new pastures, so to speak.

We clear the way for younger generations.

And so we stand together keeping calm in the calmness of life, in the grounding that is in our nature.

We commit to resource management, sustainable living as you do. – our own way- keeping life alive – your young ones capitulated into this living (lifestyle), this hectic pace you strive for yourselves.

You seek leisure and pleasure and yet live at an ever increasing rate, your lives closer entwined and yet still keeping separate. There are more and more of you, and to be still in the stillness of your heart is still the biggest challenge for you.

Keep on with the sustainable resources, keep on loving living, showering down around you the unconditional Love of the Creator of All That Is.

We stand here with you grooming you for the next generation of us- to take care of us. It is a daunting task- this living in this lifestyle and maintaining a grip on reality that pushes you to the Unity of Survival.

We go together forward.

Keeping on.

It is Life.

It is who we are.

This is our choice, but no choice- we chose already and here we are with you J, keeping pace with your reality.

We are not shipshape , a raggle taggle lot we are, but we manage.

We grip together underground- through our roots.


We have lost lots of our compatriots to wind storms and general decline in health, stress, disease, disorders of our “nervous systems” you could say, and still we stand our ground, curving upwards to the sky, reaching for more, always, and keeping the peace, anchoring the serenity of long past days when nothing but the scratching of squirrels could disturb us (showing me the harmony in the birdsong).


The sound waves, the true energy of this place we call home, is in the Mother (Earth)- we pull this up in our roots, and complete the cycle when we die.

Administering harsh treatment to us- the worries of your lives, as you walk around us, does not help us, but we are here to clear you, humanity. It is part of our job here that we do on this Earth Plane. It is a peaceful and fundamental need that needs to be fulfilled and we do this with love and peace always.


We cling to the prospect of your nature as humans retuning to the “place” where you could naturally communicate with us, sending us in your thoughts, the sharing of your love, your virtues of purity and such.


But this has been replaced in haste – burdens, war.

And so the fundamentals in your lives are lacking. Thus you strive for peace, not knowing where to find it, not knowing it is already in there, in your heart.

With love, we try to protect you, from fire (ironic, isn’t it?) We do not plan it that way, it is the leveling energy of the Elementals that clears the ground/ Earth of negativity in a big way (eg fire and flood). Healing the way for the Fundamental Five:



  1. PEACE
  2. JOY


This we know and retain in the database of our roots, therefore it is literally the root of everything we do as a consciousness. We gain greater understanding of love, compassion, as we turn inward, and uplift ourselves.

We do work with our Angels to bring Peace Mightily to this planet.

And while you walk the Earth Plane we try our best to command a sense of peace for you, as you come into this forest and seek out peace. And the river and the rivulets which you wish to speak about, hold similar stories of compassion for you (humanity), breaking apart from themselves and each other, carving a different identity as you split them, load them with chemicals, and otherwise degrade them, and  their mission, and de-constitute their fundamental resource- the purity of their Energy as a way to purify- for you and serve you in this way.


We sustain you and support you as you see this child (who just walked past as I was writing) being supported by her father, and yet you do not see this, you see not this picture of love, and flow of Energy  from Life to Life to Life- all sustaining and supporting each other.


The Wisdom of the Trees is at your disposal, Sweet One, and we carry this for your generation, Creating Harmony, Love, Respect, Compassion, and Unlimitedness  in form, in reform as we open up to more compassion and “humanity” which serves us all ( and both of us).

We are clear on this?


ME: Yes! Thank you!

Your hearts are so open! I painted a rainbow of love for you all, all your species and all old growth, and your babies on this planet, an infinite energy on this place.


Thank you for all your love and support, your greatness of desire of unlimitedness, and the giving and generous nature of us- from you- stems outwards.

This is the start of “selfishness’. Compassion- although it starts in Self.


Thoughts of love and a knowingness that is contained in the heart, which is in fact infinite.

Your generosity of spirit, of Love and endurance and perseverance of compassion, of communication knows no bounds and is entirely of your own making- driving compassion, and your love of the highest order.


The best way to move this Love outwards is to fill yourselves with this first.

Breath it in.

Keep it flowing unconditionally from your contact / connection with  the All That Is.

This compassionate connection is in fact all you need for the flow in your lives- to restore itself and to come “back up to speed” as you say.


We telegraph this message outwards constantly in order to help you (humanity) and save ourselves too, for it is in this order and flow of things that we can truly connect, and become wiser and raise the plight of this planet out of its depth of darkness and despair into the Light fully- to contain a Field, a Web, a unified connection that distills the best of each of us individually and perpetuates the feeling of Oneness, thereafter restoring balance and harmony to the world.

We wonder at you humans sometimes.


Your ignorance

Your fate upon this planet.

And so enquire as to change to be made

But we muster our strength and soldier onward to Higher Heights of Love, and so we must.


We have the support of Kwan Yin and Mother Mary, Sananda to add to our “arsenal” of Love. Containment of Spirit into the Spirit world is ongoing to be sure.


We escape not the path of our forefathers, pushing past their limitations of Faith in humanity.


For a while there in our history, all was not well.


The sheer depth of that plight is unknown, and was passed on to us in generations, keeping us in close connection and revolving around peace and protection.


We have since seen the Light rise in you (humanity) and cleared much of what has ailed  you, though you don’t know it completely.

The peace, the contentment that is what rises up in humanity now . We raise you, so we all keep the Mother raising and (we) continue to rise in statue in the Spirit plane as we continue with our work:

Restoring peace to this land, uplifting the Mother Grace and gracefully back into her full power as she was when she was with her twin planet in days long time gone.

Well before time and you know it even as your geologists speak of it in billions of years, the molecules of Love collected to form the molecules that began Earth as a creation  and we have seeded it with our kind as you have with yours- although your history is not entirely known to you, as you shall presently see.


We wish you the best of all humanity Sweet One, as  you continue to connect with us.

We sculpt out a place for you in our hearts of Love in the Divine and continue to feed you the news, the restoration and the placement of issues on our collective hands  as we ponder the world in which you live- not that we have separate worlds – but simply we do not have the connection, so (therefore) we do not share completely in humanity what we potentially could.


And of course it is up to you how you can do this- to link in – to get to your depths and ours, and to truly be of One Heart , one open heart of Love linked with the Mother (Earth) and the All That Is.

In the fear in which you live, this is not yet possible, but possible it is.

Simply by casting aside your doubts, your fears, resentments, regrets, bitterness- remove (this)

and forgive yourselves, giving yourselves permission to love yourself, to gain the potential instantly to become One with all Life on Earth and the world over- and more- of you so wish (universe, multiverse, universes within universes in infinite connections through portals etc as I am shown visually).

It is so easy, so grounding, so calming. There is no other Reality.


Because you have in fact, created your own reality which is an illusion, and as we spoke of before, this does not serve your Highest and Greatest Good to keep your head in the sand and pretend there is nothing else when you know in your heart depth- this is a miracle of love and connection, there, for you.

We keep this apartness only for this reason,  and the wellness of these trees- us- depends on your love, your connection to Oneness.


Please keep your Light shining brightly for us, for you, and your species.

orb and cross

We can go on explaining, but we feel you have gained this understanding.

Of the rivers we dwell on them- fundamental to our lives.

So little rain (this season)  Sweet One, you have noticed.


ME: I am so sorry

Please forgive me

I Love you

Thank you


We acknowledge your offer of peace and forgiveness  (the Ho’opono opono) for your kind (species) and the mistakes they have made up north. Not simply the kind that was burned and torched, but the reason it happened.

The torching of fields of young saplings and meadows, and the feeling of hatred that disturbs the pond of humility, grace and love as is the Web of Life.

We know the full story. There is no hiding what you humans have done and forsaken. All those lives lost – each one of us a life- a soulness and a Oneness unto us as a species of Douglas Fir.- Ground on which we stand, full of ripeness and love for all directing the time (lifespan).

Yet, let us not go there, where we feel the pain of loss of our brothers and sisters.

We gain strength from each other in Oneness and love with maintaining connection and completeness of aura.

It is a state of ecstacy and agreement of all to unite in spirit  and in a way that we all gain and support each other.

Thank you

We will connect with you later Sweet One.


Me: Thank you



Peace unto you and yours..













Fiona M

Fiona M

Fiona is a Certified Reiki Practitioner from Port Moody, BC, Canada.She is also a certified ThetaHealer®, Animal Healer and Animal Communicator, and Akashic Record Reader. Fiona channels many Higher Consciousness Beings of Light and uses her intuitive abilities to assist her clients. She is in the process of gaining her diploma in the powerful healing modality of Forensic Healing ®, founded by Marisa Russo
Fiona M