Talk by Mary Rodwell

This talk addresses the hybridization, alien DNA, human upgraded DNA and multiple encounters and experiences by each individual – all children. This included interviews, drawings, and direct quotes, with the backstory from puzzled parents.

Time for humanity to break out of naiivity, old beliefs, paradigms, perspectives, mindsets, and realise that we are, like it or not, part of a bigger galactic community, not isolated as many assume. Our planet is very closely observed by both malevolent and benevolent species , and beyond that there is interference in our genetic material. We appear to be part of a very large experiment, essentially. We are a free will planet and this we take for granted. We need to ensure our freedom, our separation from the enslavement that is our daily grind, and from there we can then truly feel gratitude for our freedoms, free will, and sovereignty. We cannot separate from the enslavement until we recognize these boundaries and shackles in which we live, we can then define the borders from which we need to break free, and become once again, empowered.

The Soul module of Forensic Healing is one way to free your soul, your mind from this enslavement, and start to understand the big picture.

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Fiona M

Fiona M

Fiona is a Certified Reiki Practitioner from Port Moody, BC, Canada.She is also a certified ThetaHealer®, Animal Healer and Animal Communicator, and Akashic Record Reader. Fiona channels many Higher Consciousness Beings of Light and uses her intuitive abilities to assist her clients. She is in the process of gaining her diploma in the powerful healing modality of Forensic Healing ®, founded by Marisa Russo
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