Soul healing- Soul Sovereignty


This is a long post, please take you time reading it, as it contains important information..

Soul Healing, Connection and Awareness  is Complete Freedom, Sovereignty and Power


How much do you understand of our society?


What makes the “world go ‘round”?

What is the big picture of our world-

the money

the wars and terrorist attacks

the decision making,

the governments, secret governing bodies and shadow governments

the world organisations, such as world health, world trade, world markets, world “peace keepers”, cash crops, pharmaceutical, prepared foods,  and media giants

“natural” disaster response teams and  tactics?


We come into this world seeing massive systems, processes in place and we have to find out our niche  and try to fit in. We assume we have no control, and have to adhere to the systems to fit in and have a livelihood.

Although we may immediately see many problems associated with these systems and organisations, these governments, programmes, etc , how do we as individuals change these systems to make them better?

How do we make a difference or try to fix the system?

Do we even have the power to make change?


An Awakening in Global Society thanks to Awakened Truth Seekers


There is an ongoing and accelerating consciousness shift on the planet. It is a growing awareness of our predicament of on an increasingly polluted and depleted planet. It is also an awakening to the greater galactic community that has been making contact for some time on the planet- both physically, spiritually and through both human and alien agents following negative alien agendas (NAA).

If you are reading this, then this is your time to awaken to the world events taking place in our world, secretly, subtly and now at an accelerated pace.

It is time to read about the evidence gathered from investigative journalists, respected authors tackling the subjects of our society, top scientists, whistle blowers, “dot- connectors”, “puzzle piece collectors”, insiders from various key institutional systems and infrastructure networks, truth chasers, and respected channelers of Divine wisdom, some of whom have been working for decades collecting the evidence and noticing the significance of seemingly harmless changes in our world .

These keen observers are  all offering evidence with a common fundamental link.


It is time to step up to the truth of what is happening in our world, to understand our role, our purpose, and even our identity.


What is the truth?


The truth is that to see the big picture of our world, we actually have to step off it- because there is no part of the world unaffected. The truth that is being independently offered is a myriad of  deceit, programming, corruption, incomplete agendas and half-truths, warped stories, false flag events.

The false disclosure, reversal of truth, cover-ups and rogue journalism also includes  the deliberate defamation and ridicule of those groups or individuals trying to reveal the truth. These groups or individuals are portrayed as abnormal, having serious psychological problems, even being committed, or put on behaviour modifying medications, because they try to point out flaws in the system and the truth of what is happening in our world.

In the coming disclosure to be announced to the world, called THE EVENT, the truth of humanity’s:

 Galactic Heritage

Fall in consciousness


Dumbing down through dormancy of 95 % of our DNA

Disconnection from spirit through damage and shielding/calcification of our pineal gland

Alien contact over time

Siphoning of energy for alien use

Cycle of war through false flag events and war- mongering  for purposes of killing humanity and making money

Infection with implants, nano- and stealth alien technology

Systematic poisoning through :          GMO food

                                                            Vaccinations, also causing sterilization

                                                            Fluorinated and chlorinated water supplies

                                                            Pharmaceuticals, many of which are addictive and have more serious side effects than the original medical ailment

                                                            Geoengineering of the global weather systems

                                                            Chemical poisoning of our atmosphere via aircrafts (chemtrails)

                                                            Cellular and electromagnetic interference via computer, telephone, electrical pylons and industrial and domestic appliances

                                                            Geoengineering of earthquakes via CERN

Will all be disclosed, including the systematic poisoning of the planet, and the plan to reduce the  human population of the planet to only a ½ billion.

In addition, THE EVENT will disclose the aliens who have infiltrated among us and are slowly instilling their NAA on humanity in order to take control of the planet with our misled consent , attempting  to dominate our society, and to have control of the planetary resources which have a far greater value in the cosmic community than we could possibly realise without an off -world perspective.

The truth surrounding AGENDA 21, a global plan for humanity – the idea hatched and implement in the 1990’s by United Nations -will be revealed.


We live our lives and have no real or conscious idea where we fit in the cosmic community, our mindset has not even reached there- YET. However, now is the time to think beyond our planets atmospheric borders and realise that we need:


*HUMAN leadership – a United nations of ALL nations in the world who have a voice for humanity and can speak to aliens as to our Sovereignty, refusal of negative and/ or stealth interference and stealing of our resources, Freedoms, Birth Rights, our claim to our planet’s resources and a platform for inter-galactic/planetary trade and/ or inter-planetary relations that is wholly transparent, fair, mutually beneficial, positive, and introduced slowly over time in the most appropriate and beneficial way for humanity with humanity’s consent.

*Declaration of Human Sovereignty

*To decide how much alien contact we are willing to accept, and how much if at all, alien technology we are willing to barter for

* what we will trade

*How to protect ourselves and our planet

*How to protect our DNA and that of other species on our planet

* Other


We as individuals also need to realise that our awareness of these facts is our greatest weapon against alien control, as well as our connection to Source energy – the source of answers, our next steps as we enter the cosmic community.



How do I know what is real/ truth and what is not?

Once you have been shown the evidence and have witnessed the truth, you will know it, even using biofeedback techniques, well- established in kinesiology, your body will tell you the truth. Once you know the truth of our world and what has been hidden in plain sight, you will not be able to turn away from it. By the Law of Attraction, truth begets Truth and in your own research, you will be shown your route to uncover the whole truth of our world.


The truth is, that to see the big picture of our world, we actually have to go back in time many generations.

It has taken generations for us humans to be programmed to the point where barbaric behaviour (wars, racial prejudice, polluting nature  etc) is seen as “normal” in our world today, and as Marisa Russo (founder of Forensic Healing™) has said:


“We are programmed to programme each other”


This means that from birth every teen and  adult in our lives has been subtly and less subtly programming us to be accepting of an agenda in our lives including:

Controlled media

Controlled and controlling  pharmaceutical industry

Controlled education

Controlled medicine

Controlled commercial crops

Controlled economy

Controlled politics

Controlled water resources

Controlled Air quality

Controlled entertainment industry

Controlled sexuality

Controlled mind and thoughts


However, Nature is Free


The programming has been such that most people would shout that this is a good thing- that there is a high standard and such standards need to be maintained for the health and safety of humanity, and that in fact more is  needed!!


This just plays right into their hands.


The Accelerated Agenda


While this slow and silent take over of the reins of power has insidiously been creeping across society, humanity’s individual power has been siphoned, and fear incrementally instilled  through the increasing pace, economic pressure, life- threatening situations and chaos in the world today.


The reason for the culmination of all these truth sayers, whistle blowers etc coming out now with their truths is that this agenda has been accelerated and the reason for THAT is more people have become aware and awakened. More insiders have reached a point where they would rather tell the truth than go on living a lie and they no longer fear the consequences (they no longer feel fear therefore they step out from under the control of the elite). Beyond that, humans have depleted and polluted the world at such a high rate that sustainability of our resources is on the brink of collapse- far from what the the power and resource hungry aliens want, as their objective is to manage Earth’s resources to barter with them across the cosmos. The resources are becoming low so this objective is threatened, thus increased pace of the NAA.


Examples of this stepped up Negative Alien Agenda:


We need look no further than GMO food- cautious tampering and tinkering at first in the 1980’s

What is it now?

The ramped up vaccination schedules- 4-5 shots in the 1960’s. What is it now?

The many ways that industry and the military is poisoning the planet- post war industrialisation what is the pollution situation now?

The manipulation of the weather- cautious cloud seeding in the 1970’s what is it now?

Fishing industry vast fish auctions/ markets in every major ocean- side city in the world- what is left now?

General health of our oceans just 50 years ago – what is the state of health of our oceans -and the marine biozone at large- how many marine dead zones now? How big are they now?

Bleached corals in the 1980’s compared to today?

Presence of chemtrails in our skies- looking back just 10 years ago, compared to now?


Internal Change is Reflected Outwardly


All these accelerated changes are awakening people to look closer at their reality and take responsible action to bring healing to themselves and our world.

There is an increasing realisation that there is something “missing” inside them. These increasing numbers of personal transformations are being mirrored in the world around them, according to the Universal Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws.  There is soul searching, and more people than ever turning to their spiritual side to cope with the chaos in the world.


Alien Manipulation of Humanity


The financial control  of our planet which we have slowly been made aware, is not the quite the top of the pyramid- there is another an unseen hierarchy, an elite that takes this place that is the motivation for the whole system- power.


To find the beginning of it all is to go back to the start of an agenda that includes the lack of M state Matter in our Light body which is  accelerating the aging process, reduction of human morphogenetic resonance, the  poisoning of humanity and the planet, the control of humanity, the programming of humanity, the disabling of our DNA  (resulting in the 95% dormant or Junk DNA in our cells)  and the severing of our contact with other higher consciousness through harm to our intuitive senses and genocide of intuitive people (mainly women).


Did humans have the know-how and the technology, or even the motivation and lack of empathy to start an agenda like this so many generations ago?


The evidence of alien influence on our planet is overwhelming- the many UFO sightings, alien sightings, alien abductions, crop circles, NASA reports, intelligence agency reports, physical architecture in certain places in the world, secret meetings of political leaders in strange venues, skeletons, ancient art and ancient technologies, secret space programme veterans, and all the channeled conversations with many intelligent alien species wishing to assist humanity and Earth where they can according to Cosmic Law.


The Automatic Response


Immediately , perhaps automatically you might deny this and say this is simply conspiracy theory and dismiss it all out of hand, even ridicule the whole idea.

Consider that this is an automatic reaction coached by society to keep us looking “the other way” when something out of the norm is mentioned. This is programming. Would you say this  you sifting through the evidence in an unbiased way?


The Denial:


The standard denial goes something like this :

There was never proof of…. Eg  aliens ,

We don’t trust your sources…, what is the definition of an alien?

It’s not related to this topic, there are aliens but are are different from what is implied here, There might have been aliens interacting with humans but they have nothing to do with the planetary agenda,

There were aliens interacting with humans but other things caused the agenda,

there were aliens interacting with humans and there was an agenda involved but those humans knew the risks (all the evidence that hitherto was denied) and chose that route anyway.


Research for your own peace of mind


I encourage you to do your own research- reading up the reports of whistle blowers, scientists, doctors, space and metaphysical researchers  and insider reports independently reporting on various topics which are all related.


The benevolent aliens are highly spiritually evolved and do not want to interfere with our free will, because it is against Cosmic Law. These beings are channeling information daily through people such as Lisa Renee, Sarah Glasson, Nancy Tate, James Gilliard, MV Summers,  Judith Kusel, and myself, or communicating directly with humans  to keep humanity informed and warned, and therefore able to be protected from insidious indoctrination and penetration into human society, and control of Earth’s resources.

The negative aliens still have to work within Cosmic Law and their agenda therefore has to be in plain sight, but hidden, and “reverse psychology”,  and subtle, and implemented over generations so time becomes the veil behind which they hide. This what is happening now.


Start Putting the Puzzle pieces together….


*Systematic and increasing  toxicity of the planet and its people

*The poisoning (spraying) of our food with insecticide and chemtrail aerosoles

*The insidious GMO food movement that is finally being uncovered that started with one agenda and now revealed to have a completely different agenda

*Cover-up of the crippling effects of GMO consumption on human health

*The RNA interference of our food

*Pesticides and polio “virus”, chronic illnesses

*Rate of Autism cases

*High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme (HAARP) and CERN

*The economics of the US government, and the world- gold backed money etc

*The CEOs of large companies that have no ethics or empathy

*The police crowd control etc that wear their badges/ shields that block their empathy centres their tech gear that act as conduits.

*Global recruitment strategy of  police and law enforcement officers who are  psychopaths, and narcissists (lacking empathy)

*The increase in breast cancer and the simultaneous increase in Bluetooth technology , cellular network towers (sources of radiation) and underwire bras that conduct these frequencies

*The stepped up  vaccination schedule of populations

*People in debt- students and homeowners, and small business owners

*The production of “stuff”/ materialism, the true cost of it and what, who and where on the planet the true costs of this overproduction  and subsequent garbage is borne.

*Secret alien space agreements- abductions, extraction of human DNA, pacts with other species, surveillance

*Deforestation of key areas of the planet (the lungs of the planet)

*3.5 million documented  homeless people in the US and 18.5 million homes up for sale in the US

*Environmental and “natural “ disasters  (initiated by HAARP technology) putting pressure on individual landowners around the world to sell their land to big corporations

*Inclement weather and climate becomes a weapon of war against small scale farmer and those not fully in the “matrix” eg South Africa, UK, US

*Genocide of small farmers by government controlled populations eg Zimbabwe in 2000’s and now RSA.

*Systematic isolation of small rural communities to prevent sustainable/ small scale/ organic farming such as no freeway access, removal of asphalt on rural roads, fast food giants building stops along freeways isolated from all small towns and rural settlements to create economic pressure, increasing control of food seed stock to be of GMO source, difficulty getting pure seed stock for organic crops, pollution and contamination of organic crops owned by independent farmers

*Creation and patenting of epicyte gene designed to cause sterilization in men and women

*Du Pont and Monsanto purchase of epicyte gene inserted into GM corn crops worldwide.

(third generation of rats eating this corn are sterile)

*Contemporary extinction events

*Increased size of areas that are  DEAD ZONES in the oceans

*Increased numbers of DEAD ZONES globally in the the oceans

*Coral die-off/ bleaching with increased ocean temperatures

*Plankton/ Krill/ baleen whale die-off with increased water temperatures – plankton being one of the major producers of oxygen on the planet.

*Blaming humans solely for the “global warming”

*People behind the Global warming panic are the same ones suppressing the free Energy technology of Nikola Tesla

*Secret weather manipulation and earthquake creation (eg Japan and Chile)CERN and geoengineering of weather

*High speed train networks for better population control and surveillance

*Agenda 21 across the globe implemented in the 1990’s mimicking an archon world – there are many sub- agendas here

*Smart meters ( power usage readers) and other previously standalone appliances such as home heating, fridges are being created to act as the so called next generation internet   (ie recruitment of this “smart” technology into a web) which is low cost and high power surveillance , control, and monitoring  of occupants of all homes- and people can be watched through their TV – this from CIA director.

*Chemtrails from military aeroplane activity, military weaponry of the future (through the influence of alien technology), also used to better conduct the HAARP scalar waves

* Alien Black “sentient liquid”

*Stealth nano technology such as tags, implant, Morgellons, dust swarms, self assembling/ reassembling alien stealth nano-technology, causing mind  and reproductive control

*Activity of HAARP  and scalar waves causing earthquakes, weather anomalies and disasters

*The open cast mining, and the building of another canal linking the Atlantic with the Pacific ocean in central America, cutting off land migration, and also allowing species transfer between oceans previously separate from one another- the impact on the ecology of which we cannot fully predict

*the siphoning of clean water tables

*The almost total  fluorination of the water supplies (and toothpaste) globally, although it does not help prevent tooth decay, and can in fact create tooth loss and damage as it is highly toxic.

*The plans to put Lithium into the water supply as well to keep the population “happy” in its debt and ill health.

* burning of natural forests in the world- slash and burn agriculture from poorest communities (rural) pushed into survival mode- the burning of ancient forests would decrease the energy Light quotient and wipe out thousands of years of wisdom that the trees have to offer humanity

*Slow erradication of pollenators of commercial crops- many insects and bees

*the war on supplements

*The illegality of publishing about the healing qualities of , owning or selling superfoods such as hemp extracts, pommegranete, walnuts, cherries,

* the pushing of pharmaceuticals on the population especially the children (eg behaviour altering drugs causing complacency and submission)

*False flag attacks sparking military retaliation

* Changing face of FEMA camps

*9/11 and other “terrorist attacks”

*Biochemical warfare

*Hundreds of unidentified buildings in Washington DC as part of shadow government and secret security

*Technology made public that is likely 20-30 years behind the secret technology of world governments or super-powers ie what is 20-30 years ahead of our iphones and hybrid cars etc?

*Micro vasculatory damage from vaccines- from vaccinations at birth into childhood (causing SIDS) , the so-called small pox and polio outbreaks, the teens who receive Gardasil vaccine and undergo neurological damage or death, populations who receive the flu shots, boosters, and additional shots for travel, and the victims of the Gulf War “syndrome- ie US recipients of the anthrax vaccine- other soldiers from other counties who never received the shot have no cases of “Gulf War Syndrome”. All this information is suppressed and disclosed as something other than what it is (vaccine injury from the toxicity of heavy metals, preservatives, biohazardous waste, and  acids which block up the

160 000km of the micro vascular networks in the body resulting in the mass dying of neurons and tissue anywhere in the body- commonly the brain, but also the hands, feet, gut, lungs, skin and internal organs. The medical term is a “stroke” which therefore does not only occur in the brain, and does not only occur because of cholesterol in the blood.  The Canadian doctor /medical researcher / neurologist who discovered this died under suspicious circumstances soon after this disclosure and was blackmailed by the  College of Physicians to hide the information if he wanted to receive his medical degree certification a few years before his complete disclosure.

*Loopholes in the law regarding the safety of feminine hygiene products

*Toxic toys for children- if the plastic was found in the environment and tested, toxin levels are so high that hazmat teams would have to be officially deployed to dispose of the toxins

*Toxic jewellery for pre teens and paint on toys-  high lead contamination, nickel and cadmium

*Loopholes in the law regarding safety of makeup and cosmetics

*Truth about shampoo, fabric softeners, dry cleaning, odour “consuming” chemicals and room scent “freshners” and hormone environmental mimicry

*Noise pollution in the oceans

*Radiation through “health” procedures (scans), telephone, smart meters, internet, domestic appliances such as electronic alarm clocks, microwave ovens, hair dryers, HAARP, fall out from accumulated debris of bombs- all the warfare, chemtrail aerosoles that conduct electromagnetic radiation 360 degrees around us, and wash into the water, get on our crops, and we consume it, accidents like Fukoshima in nuclear power centres

*Testing of nuclear weapons in “wastelands” and the oceans

*Secret meetings between world leaders and  alien species in isolated areas on the planet such as Antarctica

*Secret meetings of heads of government and billionaires

*The US “Stonehenge” with ancients and modern languages calling for a mass culling of the human population to half a billion people (we are well over 7 billion now)

*Perpetuating of myths surrounding animals products of animals at the top of food chain- the resulting loss through illegal poaching and trafficking of which causes rapid and deleterious effects in the environment

Eg tigers, sharks etc.

*decimation of forests and high biodiversity nature (ie rainforests) that have massive potential for sustainable food resources and medicines

*UFO’s and crop circles (the vast majority of which have been found to be real), but although media does not report on them there are hundreds still made/ sighted around the world every month..

*Alien encounters by people from all walks of life in all situations and places on the planet.

* Western medicine’s inability to cure the “mysterious” chronic conditions so common in the populations of the western world now.

*The targeting of women in literature (including the Bible which has been vastly edited over the centuries) in cultures, in religion, in many counties around the world causing an imbalance in the yin and yang/ masculine and feminine energies of the planet, and suppression of women in society for centuries.

*Shifting of the atmosphere of the planet through HAARP, and chemtrails to create a “new altered” atmosphere around the planet, possibly more conducive to aliens.

*Systematic ridicule via media etc of those working with intuition, energy healing, and the “intangible”, while simultaneously giving religious dogma  the utmost respect.

*Systematic ridicule of the so-called conspiracy theorists- everyone who does not tow the line, do what they are told, starts questioning the system, Investigative public speakers who point out the numerous red flags in our world and why they exist, the “dot- connectors”, open minded thinkers who compile all the evidence

*Increased advertising of meat and dairy- this livestock farming and the growing of grains and grass to sustain and feed these massive herds across the world IS THE MAIN REASON FOR THE DEFORESTATION OF THE AMAZON



and many more things that are killing our planet. Recently a petition was signed by over 15 000 scientists saying that our planet is in dire straits and we need to stop pollution, harvesting and deforestation, overuse of resources NOW.

NO-ONE wants to talk about the livestock agriculture because it is “uncomfortable ” to ask people to stop eating meat and diary products!!

Check out the documentary Cowspiracy and see all the facts for yourself .

and more …


Targeted Disruption of Humanity’s  Intuition


Furthermore, there is a  disconnection from Source Energy  via a systematic  targeting of the intuitive centres of humanity:


  1. the pineal gland of all humans, through poisoning, calcification and hormone mimicry and disruption


  1. ALL women as an entire gender because they are generally most in touch with their intuition-

women have to use intuition regularly and frequently to

predict their cycle,

know the meanings of the different cries of their newborns and babies

know when they are in danger.

  1. Pituitary gland connecting us to Source energy – this is disrupted through implants, energy shields, and  stealth nano-technology.


What is the official definition of junk DNA?

Why do we have so much  “dormant” DNA (95%)?


We were a 12 strand DNA multidimensional species, long living and self healing now enslaved, and poisoned and unaware of our birthright, our potential our Divinity as a species connected to Source Energy.


Points to Ponder

The population has literally begged for their poisons-


*you don’t know its poison, you think its medicine for your loved one

*you don’t know its poison, you think it is a cosmetic that will get you accepted by your peers

*you don’t know its cancer causing, it’s  a device that allows  you to keep up with your neighbours

*you don’t know its poison,  you think this vaccination will prevent your child from dying of the whooping cough

*you don’t know its soul destroying and soul and energy siphoning,  you think you are giving *your child the best education and tools for living in society , not the programming of a militant state in the environment of a prison

*you don’t know its poisoned with Monsanto’s glysophate, and laced with GMO genes and RNA interference genes, you think it is the best cereal to give your kids for a great start to the day *you don’t know its poisoned, it’s just popcorn!! (GMO corn with the sterilizing epicyte gene made with GMO canola  oil which destroys the nervous system and loaded with extra butter laced with estrogen- mimicking hormones causing growth of fibroids in the human uterus, and excess breast tissue, cancerous breast tissue), not breaking down in the environment, eventually washing into streams where it affects the fish and other wildlife causing hermaphrodites and reduced male reproductive organs.

*you don’t know its poisoned and cancer causing and through its longevity, it cycles through the water system over and over, causes reduced male reproductive organs in the next generation, you think this is the best way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy

*you don’t know its poisoned, you just have no other real choice when it comes to building materials for your house and your deck

*you don’t know its poisoned, you just think it’s a great cotton, a cool cut of jean that fits great, or thick and thirsty towels, a pretty pattern for the flooring you are putting in you office or home, and then something the smells fresh that you spray in the room..

*you don’t know its cancer causing, it’s a great new printer and DVD player and screen….


Add it all up and that is a lot of toxicity.


Asking questions


Why are these even produced?

Who is making this?

Who is advertising?

Who is preventing the truth from getting out?

Who is this ruling elite?

Who/ What  is at the top of the pyramid of power?


What do  you purchase daily or occasionally for gifts, for house cleaning etc?

Find out what food labels mean, such as “yeast improvers/ enzymes” and “natural flavours”,

what you put in your body/ on your  skin?

how you spend your free time?


This is all hidden in plain sight, but now that you are looking for it, it’s the first thing you see!


Now that you are clearing yourself of programming by getting your energy and Light body cleared by an energy worker, do you feel more in control of your decisions?

Are you changing your habits?

What about the False flag events and terror attacks across the world?

Many of these are attempts to get the masses shouting for governments to step in and take lethal action

Unfortunately this would be taking steps towards fulfilling the negative agenda of  some kind of total world military control:


Tiny steps so no-one notices

Over lifetimes, so no one connects the dots



What is the Negative Alien Agenda?


To summarize, this is part of the NAA :


To disable the population through reducing intuition, poisoning, and survivor mentality and emotional states

To reduce the population

To enslave the population being in a constant state of fear is a “food source” for negativity

To poison the planet so humans become poisoned.

To grow the Darkness in order to become more powerful

To control Earth’s resources as they are far more valuable to the greater Cosmic Community than we realise

To increase the speed of this agenda being implemented  because humans are destroying Earth’s resources faster than anticipated

To establish a base on the planet for greater (lucrative) trade of humanity’s DNA, and dumbed down humans for enslavement, and Earth’s resources to other alien races



Be mindful:




Start to be mindful that friends, family members, media and education , healthcare are often spreading advice that actually causes more pain, more prescriptions, more toxicity, more fear  to ourselves and the environment etc. Negative aliens feed on our low energy such as fear and anger, and they cannot produce their own energy.


 RESEARCH, Therefore, become aware and EMPOWERED. This will reduce  the fear and anger, thus starving the negative aliens.


Why are all these things going on and the media are not really reporting on this big news?


Because the smallest elite who control the media, at the top of that pyramid are devoid of empathy and they act and make their decisions accordingly.

They do not care for or about humanity and they recruit others to continue their work.

It is subtle, however it is all hidden in plain sight  .


Start looking carefully at each situation, your everyday life, start asking questions about your core beliefs and your actions, eg your buying habits, TV programmes, what happens at work, rules and regulations, and what it is that you do in your free time.


The agenda has worked well up to now because humanity was compliant- asleep, unaware, and their power and control grew to encompass the planet over generations.


Keep control over Your Sovereign Energy


FEAR is the food (loosh) of this Negative Alien Agenda (NAA)

How many times have you made decisions out of fear?

According to these negative aliens, what better way to create an endless “food” supply of fear than to :


Push humans into SURVIVAL MODE

(Are you in “survivor mode”?)


Through economic hardship

Through chronic health problems – you or family members

Through endless wars and conflict

Terrorist attacks that have been “made to order”

False flag events

Through inclement and unpredictable weather

Dire climatic conditions

Food shortages

Poisoning through GMO food

Poisoning through  vaccinations (see the schedule of 1960s versus today)

Fear mongering through the media  painting a picture of dire conditions in the world

Fear mongering/ programming  through movies

Poisoning through Flouride  and chlorine in all the local water supplies

Control of education systems

Powerful pharmaceuticals prescribed more and more liberally -adults and poisoning our children causing emotional pain, dependence and survivor mentality

Poisoning of the environment through soluble contaminants, aerosols (chemtrails), excess materialism leading to solid and chemical liquid and gas waste pollution in oceans waterways the air and earth,

Disruption of natural convection currents in earth’s crust through HAARP  scalar waves creating earthquakes and weather disasters

Noise pollution affecting large mammals and thereby imbalancing the food chain.


The more negative news we hear the more depressed, powerless, angry and fearful they believe we will feel.

Despite all that is happening around us, we need to keep control of our powerful energy- energy of unconditional love. Cleaning up our energy system, not only makes us feel energized and healthy and happy, but also more connected to Source, to nature and to each other. If you are a “bright light in the power grid” then you help others simply by maintaining control of your energy and anchoring it in the earth, and keeping positive, informed and aware.


Choose out of LOVE

3 steamy trees

Time to turn humanity’s pain into humanity’s purpose on Earth NOW. We need to shake off any victim thought pattern, or survivor guilt complex, or feelings of hopelessness, powerlessness or servitude, and claim our sovereign birthrights, freedom and our planet!


Think about every decision that you ever made- you chose either out of love or out of fear

It is time to CHOOSE OUT OF LOVE


LOVE and LIGHT alone will transform our world, heal humanity, heal our Earth and free us from this NAA.


Research, ask questions, push past your automatic reactions


I encourage you to do your own research to become aware of what is happening around you, and to make informed decisions about eg. Your food, water, cosmetics, what media you read/ listen to / watch, and medicine/ vaccines


Many people have already started connecting the wide variety of harmful actions taken by industry, business, governments, religions and organisations, thereby keeping informed, becoming aware of their world,  and asking the bigger questions to gain the bigger picture.


Check out the work for example of David Wilcock, Cory Goode, Michael Persinger, Kelly Brogan, Lisa Renee, MV Summers (Allies of Humanity) Simon Parke, Harald Kautz- Vella, Dr Greer, Eric Pilgrim, Dane Willingdon, David Icke, and many channeled messages of many Light workers, and whistle blowers and insider informants around the world independently sharing information about alien technology and other things too varied to mention here eg Mike Adams (false flag, war on supplements, truth about vaccines etc)  that is part of a disabling and  fear-generating agenda for humanity.






I challenge you to  research to find evidence that it is all incorrect- or correct.

You may notice how many whistle blower websites are “not found”, or shut down, or have problems uploading their disclosure videos. Even mainstream media does have a few clips of interviews etc that are very revealing eg meterologists and interviews with certain people.

There are some movies and TV programmes outlining this disclosure such as :

Jupiter Ascending

Babylon 5

Starseed contact

Star wars some Star Trek episodes

Dark Matter

The 4400

Mocking Jay- this is exactly AGENDA 21

First Contact



What you can do to take back your Power


The best way to stand in our power as humans is to stand with LOVE.

LOVE is the most powerful force, most powerful “weapon” against this darkness.

Other things you can do:

Be MINDFUL about

  1. Every word you speak to yourself and others
  2. Every thought you have – if it is negative say “I cancel that” and find the positive spin.
  3. Every feeling or emotion you have and if it is negative recognise that the emotion needs to be acknowledged (to be healthy and authentic) and released to the Light (not adding to the emotional garbage that litters Mother Earth, but being responsible about our energy. One can then fill the void with Divine Love).
  4. Every deed you do, every action you take.


We can choose to clear and release ourselves from this, but we need help in clearing the planet/ environment,  our food, weather, and our energy fields.


Also, heal yourself mentally emotionally, physically and on a soul level, find your power through self care. Clean your Light Body, pranic tube, Dantian centres, Hun Yin point,  up to 16 of your Chakras, and 7 Auric layers,  clear yourself of implants, shields/ plates, darts, knives, cords, spears,  arrows, and cleanse you Soul “zipline” or umbilicus (connection to Source Energy and all the true answers and Highest Wisdom) , Soul agenda (life Purpose) .

This is where it is helpful to have an energy healer who is connected to the True Organic and Pure White Light Source Energy grid, do healing and cleansing for you- releasing layers  of negativity after lifetimes of enslavement, pain, suffering, and shielding of the truth.


What can you do to meet these off-world challenges yourself?


*Keep your mindset and outlook positive and empowered.

*Research and keep informed.

*Be aware of your world around you, and what others are saying and doing.

*Keep yourself free of toxicity

*Eat and drink “clean and Light” and remove smoking, recreational drugs, and alcohol from your home

*Avoid continual exposure to mainstream media

*Get out in nature (wild is better than manicured parkland)

*Talk to your Doctor about alternative health or complementary health

*Listen to the wisdom of your young children- the new generations are aware, awakened and designed to have the answers we need as our planet goes though this transition

*Watch some of the movies or episodes of the disclosure- hinting media to broaden your mindset

*Clean up your energy Light Body and your physical body of toxins as this is your ticket out of being controlled.

This is your ticket to freedom, your complete sovereignty  and your own personal power.


How and When to Prepare for THE EVENT and FULL DISCLOSURE?:


Prepare for the transition of approximately 2 weeks of disruption after THE EVENT such as money, food, water , medicine, communication, gasoline, sewage, power, garbage collection, contingency plan with family members.

Prepare yourself mentally to have more direct contact with positive alien species, but only once we are all fully awakened and have taken back complete control of the Earth’s resources, our species and DNA, and  have agreed as humans to have this contact en masse.


Time frame: my guess according to the advanced stages of:

*the current rate of pollution,

*rate of population increase,

*“climate change”

* non sustainable depletion of planetary resources

*HAARP activity


*elite human  to alien contact

*reverse engineering of alien technology by humans

*nano and stealth technology


 probably less than 20 years, likely within the next 10 years, possibly within  the next  5 years.


See True, Source- Connected Energy healers, such as practitioners (I am a practitioner) , blogs, you tube videos, the online course, or a course taught in your area.

The new Soul healing module from Forensic Healing ™ frees us from this negative alien agenda, connecting us to Source Energy and allowing our personal healing to help all of humanity.

Awaken, and heal and empower yourself today!


Blessings, Love and Light

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Fiona M

Fiona M

Fiona is a Certified Reiki Practitioner from Port Moody, BC, Canada.She is also a certified ThetaHealer®, Animal Healer and Animal Communicator, and Akashic Record Reader. Fiona channels many Higher Consciousness Beings of Light and uses her intuitive abilities to assist her clients. She is in the process of gaining her diploma in the powerful healing modality of Forensic Healing ®, founded by Marisa Russo
Fiona M