Rates are listed below, and I charge by the hour whether in person or via skype or phone.

Please note that rates are  slightly higher on paypal to cover the processing fees.

Limited time offer: Forensic Healing™ $50/ hour. Rates increase November 15th 2017 as I now have my diploma!

Click on the paypal links beneath the appropriate service you want. Please contact me in Port Moody to schedule a session of

Holy Fire II Reiki Healing or

Angel Card Reading or

Animal Communication or

Animal Healing or

Akashic Record Healing/ Reading or

Light Language Activation or

ThetaHealing ®

Blend of Healing modalities including Shamanism and Earth Energy Healing/ Power animals/ Light Language/ Dreamhealing/ Scanning

Aura clearing and Chakra clearing and openings

Planetary Alignment


Forensic Healing™
before paying.

Please read the disclaimer, refund and cancellation policies (under “contact me” on the menu drop down) before making payments or booking a session. Make sure you email or bring with you, your waiver form before the scheduled session.

For Classes and workshops, I will send a paypal invoice.

I will inform you, the client, if there is a cord cutting or Reiki extraction needed to move the healing forward.
I highly recommend the Reiki Flow healing particularly for periods of emotional, mental, physical or spiritual trauma or challenge, such as post-operative healing, relationship turmoil, extreme stress, moving, grief, etc.
A few days of Reiki Flow is also suggested for after a a big energy shift period.

Animal Healing and Animal Communication AND Property Clearings  house call sessions are $160 if in the Tricities, $240 if in Burnaby, Pitt Meadows or New Westminster, and $450 for the rest of the Lower Mainland. The sessions include water activation and “parent” aura clearing. Payment due at the time of service by cheque paypal or etransfer to fiona@mossomcreekreiki.com.


Please email me for your session time, waiver, client analysis form and venue if applicable, before paying (fiona@mossomcreekreiki.com).


Akashic Record Healing/ Reading (approx 90 min) with full transcript

140 CAD

Akashic Records with scan transcript

100 CAD

Holy Fire II Reiki Healing or ThetaHealing ® 60 minute session

80 CAD

ONE Light Language Activation and healing/ DNA integration   with symbol emailed to you

45 CAD

Holy Fire II Reiki Flow (24 hours) or Reiki Share evenings in-house or skype or Meditation evening.

20 CAD

Holy Fire II Reiki Flow (24 hours) one week


120 CAD

 Distance Reiki 30 minutes, or Oracle / Angel Card Reading (30 min)

50 CAD

Written Report (detailed feedback of the healing)
Light Language Activation  and reading/ healing  and DNA integration via Skype or phone :

40 CAD

Animal healing and communication (remote) including 2 x15 minute sessions** (guardian healing session required before booking animal  or plant healing session)

70 CAD

Basic ThetaHealing® 30 min

45 CAD

Mossom Creek Reiki and Wellness appreciates your business.
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