Holy Fire Reiki Sessions & Training (Usui and Karuna ®)

Holy Fire II Reiki TrainingMikaousui
I have recently upgraded my qualifications to the Holy Fire II Usui and Karuna ® Reiki as now taught by the International Center for Reiki Training!

Mossom Creek Reiki and Wellness recommends that you inform your physician that you intent to have Reiki.

Holy Fire II Reiki Sessions:
What to expect at your first Reiki healing session:

If this is a first time that you have received Reiki, then I do recommend a full hour session, as many things can come to the surface and that is difficult to resolve in a half hour session.

Reiki practitioners also generally recommend at least 4 sessions to work on all 4 levels/aspects of a person- mental, emotional, physical and spiritual and these can be scheduled whenever the client is ready.
During a first consultation, I generally ask the reason for the appointment, and a little of the client’s background. During the healing sessions I do often spontaneously receive messages from Higher Beings (Ascended Masters, Masters of Light, angles, guides and Archangels) and power animals, and also body intuitive messages. If the client is comfortable with this, I relay the messages as they do impact the healing of the client- these are things that the client needs to know about in order to bring release  and healing.

I do a full body scan, and I generally like to give healing for the whole body in that initial session, although there is not always the time for this. I am guided as to where the Reiki needs to go, and when the healing is complete for the session, I give a little feedback. A first session takes between 60-70 minutes.

Subsequent sessions can be 30- 60 minutes depending on the client’s choice.

How to make the most of your healing session:

*Come to your session well hydrated and well rested.

*Think of a particular issue which you would like to address during the session
(eg what is the biggest stress in my life, what is making me feel unhappy? where is there discomfort?)

*Call in your spiritual support during the session

*Set the intention that you are open and willing to receive healing in any and all aspects of your life.
(Remember : only you can heal you, all else facilitates the process)

*Trust the Reiki, and that it will heal for your Highest and Greatest good.


How to let the session “soak in”
Post -session self-care:

*Nurture yourself after a session (eg. take a bath with bath salts, spend time relaxing, take time to meditate, etc)

*Keep very well hydrated
This is to ensure that any toxins that might have been mobilized during the Reiki session can be easily flushed out by the body

*Take care what you put in or on your body (ie not just what you eat and drink, but also cosmetics, what you are absorbing through the media etc)

*Think about lifestyle improvements that you can make in small increments

*Set goals and write up affirmations for positive change in your life

*Listen to your body’s signals

Some people experience discomfort in the first few hours or days after a session as toxins are flushed out, energy shifts occur to re-establish balance,  and old memories resurface.

Please be patient with yourself as these issues are “exhumed” and released. This creates space for the the “new positive you” to establish in your life based on compassionate unconditional/ universal and infinite love  that will connect you to the Universe.

The Holy Fire II (Holy meaning wholistic rather than a religious connotation) Reiki is the most Up- to -date version of the Usui Style of Reiki which is probably the most popular Reiki style in the Western world. The Holy Fire is taught at the International Centre for Reiki Training in the US, and it was first channeled and taught there in January 2014, and was upgraded to Holy Fire II in March 2016.

Holy Fire II  is also taught with the Karuna® style of Reiki. Karuna® Reiki can only be given to someone who has received Usui Reiki at least once before, because it is a very powerful Reiki which focuses on the mental/ emotional side of healing, even the spiritual side, more than the physical. It is the “compassionate service” healing and is associated with Kwan Yin the “female buddah” who is known for her compassionate service in spirit among energy healers in particular.


Holy Fire II Reiki Classes:

Holy Fire Reiki Classes are small and scheduled to suit the students as closely as possible, so please contact me to schedule a class.

Classes on offer  include :
Usui Reiki I and II (2 days taught separately as well),
Usui Style Advanced Reiki Training or Reiki Master Practitioner equivalent and Usui Master /Teacher Training (3 days).

Karuna Reiki® Training will include
Karuna® I and II (2days)
Karuna® Masters (2 days)

and Karuna® Master Practitioner I, II and Master /Teacher (3 days).