Services offered at Mossom Creek Reiki and Wellness, Port Moody, are performed by a certified and licensed Holy Fire Master Teacher -Practitioner, who is a Member in good standing with the Canadian Reiki Association since 2013 and an Affiliated Member in good standing of the International Centre for Reiki Training since 2014.

All services are offered via distance as well.

These services include:

Holy Fire Usui Reiki- Certified Reiki Master Practitioner

Reiki is Universal Healing Energy. It is non-denominational, and seeks to reduce stress, remove toxins, and restore balance on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels in such a way as to assist the body to heal itself. Clients often comment on how peaceful they feel after a session.
Healing is performed either on a healing table or in an easy chair. The client remains fully clothed and no touch is involved.

Forensic Healing®

I am hoping to receive my diploma in early 2017 for this modality which combines science with intuition for fast, effective and consistent results!

Contact me for a limited time offer of healing sessions using Forensic Healing techniques at reduced rates distance or in- person!


ThetaHealing ®

I have recently upgraded my ThetaHealing®  to Advanced DNA THeatHealing ®. This modality allows the conduit to be a channel of Creator Healing by being in a Theta brainwave. This modality can heal emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually , releasing negative belief patterns, and forming new empowering belief, among many other powerful, empowering and uplifting practices, and techniques.

Reiki Distance Healing

IMG_1872Distance healing is scheduled and the client is asked to be in a safe, quiet, stationary and comfortable environment of their own choosing, while simultaneously healing is channeled for a prearranged period of time.  Clients could also continue with their routine, and feedback will be emailed to them. (Do not drive or operate machinery while receiving Reiki as one can feel what is known in the Reiki world as a “healing crisis”  as toxins are removed or  deep memories brought to the surface which can be very emotional.)


Reiki Flows

Reiki  can be sent in a “light” continuous manner lasting 24 hours.  Reiki encompasses the person , pet or event/ situation wholistically.

light beam

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki®

Karuna Reiki® has it’s origins in Usui Reiki, and was compiled into a Reiki style which is largely about compassionate service (to ourselves, our families and our world), accepting who we are, and connecting with others. It is also about trusting where we are in our spiritual journey, and allowing our lives to flow with the Divine Guidance that is always there if we ask for it.
Deep emotional release and healing can occur (even at a cellular level) during a Karuna Reiki ® session (Reiki assists the body to heal itself) without the need to re-live traumatic moments of the past.
This Reiki style is very powerful, now enhanced by the Holy Fire energy, and has been a very interesting and enlightening experience to work with its energy.

Book a session and experience the healing and peace for yourself!


Lemurian Healing

Lemurian Healing is the healing that flows from the copious amount of healing energy from many different frequencies and the information that has been channeled since November 2014. It is mostly accompanied by Light Language and comes with  symbols. Similar to different Reiki styles, it is universal healing energy from Source, but the intermediary is from the Masters of Light or various Council Members.
This healing frequency is unique and the symbols tend to have very specific functions.

Animal Healing and Communication


Fiona is a certified Animal Communicator and Animal Healer and can also do healing and communication for plants. For Animal Healing, at least 3 remote sessions are needed and included with the initial fee. More sessions may be necessary for behaviour modifications. Photographs of the animals for remote sessions are preferred as the connection is stronger, but not necessary. The name, city location, age, gender and breed of the animal are required for connection to be made for remote sessions. For in person sessions, the same details are needed for the animals, but the fees are dependent on length of session and also distance from Mossom Creek Reiki and Wellness.


Akashic Records

A vast amount of information can be accessed via this healing pathway, including past lives and land use etc. Fiona is certified in reading the Akashic records for others.

channeled artChanneled art

Occasionally art is channeled through and the client has an option to purchase a copy of this art at a later date as it might pertain to them.

Cord Cutting

-13 servicesWhen we interact with people, even at the most cursory level, we can form cords of attachment with them, which can act as an energy drain if there is an aspect of negativity associated with the cords. It is necessary to detach those cords in order to advance through life in a manner that is uninhibited by unnecessary negativity. The process is non-judgmental and done with the intent of operating for the client’s Highest Good. Cords are detached with love and respect.

Certified-Angle-Card-ReaderCard Reading- Certified Angel Card Reader

One or more decks can be used for discerning messages from Angels and Archangels, as well as Higher Beings.

During a healing session, the Practitioner acts as a conduit for the Universal Healing Energy to be channeled through them. At this time, especially in the case of a Karuna Reiki® session, spiritual messages are also forthcoming. These can be in the form of Power Animals, messages from Angels, Archangels, Higher Beings, and Masters of other dimensions. In addition, intuitive messages from the Reiki recipient’s body, and flashbacks of past lives can also be revealed. All these messages pertain to the client at that present moment, and can assist the client in what he or she might be experiencing in their life situation. These messages do not always make sense at first, but it is wise to keep open- minded and see if they pertain to something in the recent past or near future. They are often messages of confirmation, or advice to bear in mind when moving forward on life’s journey.


Light Language Activations

IMG_1907 dedication

This ancient language is essentially a gift to help humans helps themselves and their planet. Healing and awareness and the raising of one’s vibration or being, comes from listening to and tuning into the Light Language. Light Language is no more mysterious than listening to the healing chants of Karuna® Reiki, and healing chants at religious ceremonies in a synagogue or church, because the intent of universal and unconditional love is essentially the same.
We strongly encourage you to read up, investigate, and learn more about Light Language, however we cannot know if there are others who might be faking their videos, or writing things which may not be true. Please listen to your Inner Self or Higher Self when it comes to trusting the work of people out there! Also, not everyone is ready to listen, learn about or receive Light Language (or even Reiki or religion for that matter).

Reiki or Universal Energy Healing is practiced by almost 6 million practitioners all over the planet and welcomed in over 800 major hospitals in the USA, and is therefore widely accepted and understood. The language discussed here is commonly known as Light Language, and is not much different in principle to Reiki in that it is healing energy (sound energy) from Source which is brought through conduits (Light Language speakers) via an intermediary we can call Masters of Light, or Council members of other civilizations originating millennia ago. In the case of Reiki, the intermediary source of the healing energy are the Ankenash who developed this healing , and subsequently, Dr Masao Usui who rediscovered Reiki.
Light Language , as it is spoken by hundreds of people around the world now, is channeled directly from a Council which includes members of the Lemurians,  and others, and this council originated thousands of years ago. There are over 140 000 Council members and their messages are channeled and telepathically transmitted through people like Fiona.

Channeled and Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditations

Meditations are scheduled on the last Friday evening of the month- please see the calendar for details of times, schedule changes and themes of the two meditations for each evening. These can be “free form” or directed.  There is a nominal drop- in fee, and please bring your water, and notebook and pen.

EDINA Healing

EDINA healing was the first channeled and described/ explained  to Lois Wetzel by Masters of Light, in a long series of channels,  and the result was a book brought out in 2012. It is very powerful healing and is the original Reiki that first came to the Earth thousands of years ago and was mostly forgotten. Some remnants were retained in certain civilizations, but now that Earth is undergoing transformational changes that are influencing humans and awakening humans, this healing energy is once again being channeled, (by Lois Wetzel). This “original Reiki” has grown and developed after all these millenia and the protocol and ethics with which it is used and channeled is very strict, and rigid guidelines need to be adhered to or the energy will be withdrawn from the rule-breaker after just one transgression. We are honoured to be able to access this healing which has been described as a “major software upgrade” from Reiki.

Aura Clearing and Rejuvenation

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Our auras can have splits, leaks, fuzziness, low flow, low profile or shaky , lobsided beams tears, rips and shattered auras. We can have “hitchhikers” attached or cords, or objects of discord/ weapons lodged in  our auras and this can create an energetic burden making us tired, crabby , fearful, suspicious and ill and other symptoms. As darker energies or denser/ low vibration energies spend more time in our aura, so they work inward toward the physical body, and then can start to create physical symptoms. Furthermore with experience I have noticed that negative attachments can further influence others around us in a negative way, even when we ourselves are not interacting with the people ie they can continue a negative agenda even when we are asleep or unaware of this!

Keep your aura clear and refreshed to give your health a boost and better balance!

Property Clearings

Property or Land Clearing are important to do regularly to keep your personal space / property filled with positive energy that resonates and attracts the same energy back to you. This creates a positive effect for your family, pets, plants and all little beings in your space (bees, earthworms etc). This also helps to keep Mother Earth energetically clear where you live as well, thereby keeping Earth meridian lines clear and balanced. This clearing can also be helpful to create better relations with neighbours and helps keeps pets and children calmer.

Additional Services

I offer an editing service including proof-reading.  I have been doing scientific writing for almost 20 years and have published prose and poetry for adults since 2009. I have 2 diplomas in Children’s writing and publishing, including marketing.  In this era of texting and blogging, writing can evolve into a form that is a little too informal for web pages and magazine article writing etc. Too often mistakes creep into the text. Let me help you polish your writing and iron out mistakes before they are sent out into the world.

Please read the disclaimer, refund and cancellation policies (under “contact me” on the menu drop down) before making payments or booking a session.

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