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There have been so many “debunking ” stories and fake “sightings’ etc over the years that in fact any word about Sasquatch is instantly ridiculed.

The fact is, that these Peoples exist.

See the new books that have been released on the Sasquatch teachings by Elder Kamooh .

They can only make contact in a vibration of pure Unconditional Love and will not be “summoned” . They are telepathic- this is their only means of communication other than body language, and gutteral sounds.

They are also able to teleport which is the source of so many stories of fleeting sightings .

Please send unconditional love to the Sasquatch who are humanity’s mentors.

They have been holding the vibration of Unconditional Love (frequency of 500 Hz) throughout human evolution and anchored this vibrational frequency for our planet. Now in the time of great Awakening, Awareness and “dot connectors”/Truth Sayers, they are reaching out more to reinforce the Oneness consciousness with humanity.

In my first contact with them in early 2015,  I was privileged to be taken  (my consciousness) to the top of the Rocky Mountains in Northern BC, accompanied by a Sasquatch Elder to be shown, purity of the air, the incredible stillness and peace, and the beauty of pristine mountains, the feeling of the closeness of Source Energy (vibrationally) and the commmeraderie that can occur between two different species. He told me this was his favourite place in the world to “hang”, the Himalayas (highest peaks) were just a bit too high, the lower oxygen … and also he (personally) preferred the energy of the nearby forests in BC. From this I was inspired to paint a picture and I am forever grateful for that and all the contact I have with this loving group of Peoples.

See my next post of a channeled message from the Sasquatch.

Unfortunately over the centuries they have been pushed out from many parts of the globe, and their habitat destroyed (such as wildfires in mainland BC, Canada  and Australia, Pine beetle in BC, Canada, deforestation in central Asia (palm oil production),  also affected by chemtrails, glyphosate (pesticide spraying) , heavy metals, GMO’s  and other pollutants , nuclear testing, HAARP, cellular networks, and other interference and obstacles . In addition, the increasing population, whose consciousness levels are struggling to reach over the 200 Hz (neutral as opposed to uplifting or suppressing) have made their mission of bringing Peace (>600Hz) to Earth, more challenging.

The Sasquatch are able to be reached via telepathy, just as I have done. Keep your vibrational level at love or above >500Hz and preferentially be in nature.  Callibrate via FLFE ( . A brief cool breeze (when there is no wind) on your face will indicate their contact. Sometimes that is all the contact you will have until trust is established. Keep in your gratitude.



Fiona M

Fiona M

Fiona is a Certified Reiki Practitioner from Port Moody, BC, Canada.She is also a certified ThetaHealer®, Animal Healer and Animal Communicator, and Akashic Record Reader. Fiona channels many Higher Consciousness Beings of Light and uses her intuitive abilities to assist her clients. She is in the process of gaining her diploma in the powerful healing modality of Forensic Healing ®, founded by Marisa Russo
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