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Newsletter Mossom Creek Reiki and Wellness       October- November  2018

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10 Tips to share with you !

Personal Journey !

A way you can contribute to raising the vibration of the Planet : Prayers for the 200 Mission!




Honouring you all Beings of Light, embodying unconditional Love as much as you are able, mindfully bringing yourself back to be guided by your Higher Self and fulfill you Full Divine Potential in this life, inspiring others to do the same. Thank you for all the Peace and Love that you embody on this Planet!

As we enter a time that has been described by the Hathors (as channeled by Tom Kenyon) as the 6th Mass Extinction, we face the stark reality of life on our planet- the suffering, the toxicity, the pollution and stresses through mining, fracking, deforestation, livestock agriculture and micro and macro plastic waste to name but a few. But we have a chance to still pull back from the brink and alter this course .

Embodying unconditional Love, Joy and Peace through meditation even 5 minutes a day raises the consciousness and that of all life on this planet, thus benefitting all!!

There is an urgency now that we have never faced before as humanity, to save our planet and therefore ourselves. Are you on board? It takes little effort for lifelong reward (literally) .


  • Questions to flag as signs from the Universe


  1. What do you feel you have been called to do?
  2. What have you been called to be mindful about ?
  3. Is your life going in the same direction it was 6 months ago, or have things shifted slightly?
  4. What synchronicities have you noticed in your life lately (eg. numbers/ images)?
  5. Have you had changes in health? Reading material? Eating habits? Friendships? Entertainment? Home situations including the building itself?



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5 Ways to Harness your energy for the Highest Good


  1. To support you on your healing and spiritual journey I suggest yoga or Qi Gong perhaps once a week with a blessing from your health care provider
  2. Include daily Meditation or mindfulness or Stillness.
  3. Set your intent daily for your life and what you want to manifest.
  4. Spend time in nature

5.Create an “Inner Alter” to express your self Love, self care, self kindness  and self compassion


Personal Evolution

These past several months have been life altering for me

The universe has been stepping up my agenda, my schedule and holding larger and larger space for me to step into my role as Spiritual leader as well as everything else I do !

Have you felt that you have been called to do more, embody more love, be more, be more aware? There is an urgency now.

I have been involved in:


Many channeled transmissions including Hathor, Sanat Kumara

Light Language DNA upgrades

Greater awareness of energy Alchemy

Explosions of my consciousness by orders of magnitude simply reading material in Divine synch and implementing advice..

Earth Healing  as requested by Gaia

Visit to the sacred site of Findhorn- the gardens, the beach, the freshwater estuary, the people in the community

learning Sacred Dance at Findhorn.

Blessing the waters in the English Channel, Findhorn, Troon, and meeting the Keepers of the Waters at Troon beach.

Dark night of the Soul

Personal Challenges with family

Conversations with the Treedom at Cathedral Grove

Heartsong- sacred song empowering women

Continued connection with Forensic  Healing Practitioners around the world

Development of deeper healing

Brain- consciousness Research

Experimentation with I AM THAT tuning forks

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Immunity Empowerment

Spiritual Art

Energy immunity gifted by Mother Earth

Sacred teachings from the spirit animals of the Chinese Zodiac

First ever message from the Stone People different from Gaia herself.

Attunement to Soul Mission

Conversation interaction with the Insect world

Conversations with other species in trouble in our world

Carrying out instructions given by the Tara in her White embodiment to make a positive energy vortex

Magnetizing and focusing Focused Life Force Energy according to the FLFE executive advice

Continued teaching

Continued healing of adults and children, animals, plants, Waters, Air (chemtrail aerosols) Earth and crisis situations on the planet

Contact with 21st density Beings with a message and helped offered to humanity- please see my latest blog

Enrollment in 13 Moons 13 Goddesses course online with Della Ratcliff.

Enrollment in Ageless 4 with Catherine Pagliaro

Reading The Sophia Code with Initiations and attunement


And on that note I would like to bring to your awareness the following :

Prayers for the 200 Mission  


Sitting working on my computer I suddenly became aware of a very powerful energy building up in my healing room. There was no message or indication to me what was going on. I continued to work, trusting that my spiritual growth comes to me in unexpected ways, but I am always safe and secure. The energy continued to build pulsing deeply within my entire being in an ecstatic and beyond powerful way. I knew I had to get ready for a channel, and when all my auras felt full to beyond the galaxy, I got up to grab my papers and pen.

I  tuned in, clearing the screening questions, but with an intuitive knowing  (claircognisence) this was Creator of All That Is in a powerful embodiment  of the Divine Feminine.

Since reading the incredibly powerful book, The Sophia Code by Kaia Ra, I had asked how I could embody my full Divine potential each day, how I could be of highest service and make the biggest impact with all my skills and talents for which  I am so grateful .


This was the answer to my prayer:

(One reads about these things happening to people, not thinking “This could happen to me!!”

The message will be posted on my blog  shortly.)

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I was asked to bring the nations together one at a time in Unity, Harmony and Unconditional Love by the Sophia Dragon Tribe (see The Sophia Code) by means of Unconditional Love.


In addition, when I have time and receive permission (so far this has always been the case) I do a Forensic Healing ™ on the country as well.

Suffice it to say that I instantly accepted the Mission to my best raising the vibration of the planet.

As I prepare to channel the unconditional love, I recruit all the energy I can, such as my FLFE everywhere subscription, my positive energy healing vortex, my orgones, Mental Imagery, Trilliums, the Divine Feminine Ascended Masters and various other resources, plus I ask to synch with the same prayers of others over the last 24 hours to maximise the energy to that particular country.  I bring Unconditional Love (and gratitude for the help) for at least 20 minutes.  So far the following countries have received unconditional love in this mission: Armenia            Canada            Turkey             Uruguay          Papua New Guinea

Tonga              Botswana        Namibia          Sweden           State of Palestine

Malawi                        Belarus            Sao Tome and Principe           Tunisia

Bhutan            Nepal              Germany         Malawi                        Rwanda

Sri Lanka         Bosnia Herzegovina                Italy                 Syria

Liberia             Croatia            Nauru              North Korea

It is a very powerful experience. Please join me with your loving intent and focus  via thoughts and prayers each day as time and priority permits. I post on my facebook Mossom Creek Reiki & Wellness  the country of focus daily.  Thank you thank you thank you !!!

Workshops and Classes

Workshop opening your intuition ($280 2 day workshop)


Contact me for more details !


Placement  of Holy Fire II Reiki for children


I am planning on teaching a simplified course for 8 years and up in the basic Reiki level I

I hope to teach this at Pleasantside Elementary, Port Moody with a minimum charge to cover expenses. This will have to spread out over a number of weeks to cover the 7 hours minimum requirement . This will depend on the School, the PAC and the parents.


I am also willing to teach a course for the staff at Pleasantside as a separate student body, charging as below in addition to any classes as the need arises, so let me know if you want to audit a class or upgrade  or if you know a Pleasantside family, let them know!


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Holy Fire II Usui Reiki  Level I ($225) 7 hours tuition 1 hour homework

Holy Fire II Usui Reiki  Level II ($250) 7 hours tuition 1 hour homework

Holy Fire II ART, Master/ Teacher ($500) 3days or spread out for longer !


Meditations (suggested donation $12)

There are two, some are synchronised (home meditations) .

Second Monday of the month 8-9 pm  (home meditation)

Last Friday of the month Holy Fire II meditations (in person at Mossom Creek Reiki & Wellness)

Daily meditation of Unconditional Love for UNITY of hearts and minds on the planet  (at home)

Please check my website and contact me Fiona@mossomcreekeiki.com for details on the calendar and to book your spot.

Reiki Shares/ Exchanges (suggested donation ($12)

Third Wednesday of the month 6:15- 830. Except June 19 2019.


Sacred Dance

Please also email me if you are interested in sacred dance- I learned a few dances in Findhorn, Scotland when I was there this past April- a group of at least 8 is needed.


Love and Light







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©Fiona MacEachern  2018

Fiona M

Fiona M

Fiona is a Certified Reiki Practitioner from Port Moody, BC, Canada.She is also a certified ThetaHealer®, Animal Healer and Animal Communicator, and Akashic Record Reader. Fiona channels many Higher Consciousness Beings of Light and uses her intuitive abilities to assist her clients. She is in the process of gaining her diploma in the powerful healing modality of Forensic Healing ®, founded by Marisa Russo
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