Message from the Oceans Coral Reefs July 2017


Please raise your awareness of the plight of the coral reefs  (eg see “Chasing coral”,, fb) and bring your visualisation and intention/ healing prayers to our planet in balance and harmony with ocean temperatures in balance and healthy reefs..)

Message from the Corals of the Planet


We are truly as one in this planet  (but) we come to you exhausted and stressed.

We are alone in our endeavours to pick up the planetary steam.


[Water vapour ie. Steam, is the largest contributor to the “greenhouse gases” that increase the overall temperature of the atmosphere of Earth].



We begin at the beginning of life and try to establish harmony and balance with our polyps creating a pulse -a heartbeat within

We restore peace to the universe  representing the multiverse of our society our polyps, our living family working as one to gain clouds -but in the ocean


{It is a gaseous exchange?}



We do not perform complex tasks, we simply work together. To find life and peace.

We are deprived of peace and solidarity with the out -of -tune awareness of humanity

We progress slowly in our realm

We wish to gain an understanding , as you wish to gain understanding from us.

We need your support


We cannot breath

We are choking

The health of all is on decline  (and therefore) we force you to think of us, of other ways to do things.

To think of peace and nurturing

We wish for you and this planet  to become one,  to be stable in health and harmony

We enter a new phase of health- ill health – For prosperity and abundance we need to restore balance

Quantify the gap between the wealthy and poor and decrease the gap.

Relationships are linked.

Health and digestion


[What can we do to help you?]


Bring balance to those in poverty

Restore peace and harmony to to the goldmine within and tell your stories

Forgiveness is essential.


A platform for peace and awareness

Go in peace my Dear Ones, clear the clutter of your heartspace and in trial and error seek the peace which will restore balance and harmony to nature .

We ground anew

We wait our turn in the great cycle of life

Fiona M

Fiona M

Fiona is a Certified Reiki Practitioner from Port Moody, BC, Canada.She is also a certified ThetaHealer®, Animal Healer and Animal Communicator, and Akashic Record Reader. Fiona channels many Higher Consciousness Beings of Light and uses her intuitive abilities to assist her clients. She is in the process of gaining her diploma in the powerful healing modality of Forensic Healing ®, founded by Marisa Russo
Fiona M

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