Message from Cathedral Grove Treedom , August 2018


Channel from Cathedral Grove Trees, Vancouver Island, BC , Canada  August 25th 2018


It is all the Wisdom of the Trees connecting with you now, Sweet One, To dream and sing and laugh among us is to bring us joy and love of connection with all things, all life, and a Oneness of connection that makes us happy, brings joy , fruits of wonder  and wander afterall, there are trails that zigzag among us and bring in new energies as you have felt and tuned into.


The brotherhood, sisterhood of mankind- correction, humankind-  is a notch further into the dread we feel as close it seems we come to a brink , a fall into an unknown or uncertain future that links us all and keeps the Oneness in shadows in part.

We fetch the likeness of mankind (where they are)  in a depth of despair from which is seems they are not to be pulled,  and this is sad indeed.

We see a turning of the tides- a light shining in the distance in the future  – a brightness we cannot distinguish from others around us who come to support us and gain profit from our inheritance established by our presence on this planet in Light and Sovereignty.

The animals and birds link us together  and share the brightness of  the light, sometimes receding into shadows , sometimes stark and bright with the Light of Creator and network of life  abounding around us with love .

And so we persist in this life and keep on with our path of love  and unity and oneness. We keep (on) like a tide of love and compassion washing through us, through the forest of our unity  and keep the waves as the ocean, washing through,  hoping to gain some ground in bringing Oneness to all who seek to walk through our trees .

Our compassion is like a light to a moth for all who seek it, and light begets light,  joy begets joy and compassion and so on into infinity. Along our path- that is the Light of our combined lives joined here in freedom and freewill .

We encounter many souls, many lives who are not bidden to themselves of love and unity, and this drives a wedge between life, between lives.

The life Force Unity is cut off, and so that can be the freewill of those, but an ill choice, chosen out of fear.

With connection comes so much more, with unity comes trust, comes flow, reversal of all ills that plague your kind  and yes we are knowledgable of all that persists in your population  and seeks to kill you though you have no  or little knowledge  of the ultimate goals of the elite in your society – ill-will forms as a death trap for your kind and we are privy to some of this agenda as it seeks to crush our will, our life on this planet as we know it as well.


There are ulterior motives in this group that seek to stamp out humankind and keep the cut of profits for themselves. They seek to render much damage and harm on your society  and force their will where they can get away with it.

We seek to keep you safe by washing you and your kind with Love. It is all we can do, and we are charged with this in our society as our will, our free will to serve all humanity  on this planet.


Thank you so much for all that you do !

 You are generous of spirit, your kind, and I wish to heartily thank you.


Wisdom is sought and we will provide.

We gave promises for  Trueness, Oneness, Compassion, Caring and Intellect (intelligence) that seeks to serve humankind and so here it is in its form of abundance of love.

We are unmoulded by the pressures on you in your society, and so we can provide  a very different perspective from one that you are forced to rely on and keep referring to in the future.

We see one way – compassion.

We devote a significant portion of our lives into helping each other . This is space in the light  Universe that is unseen by the human eye, and scientists. It is a game of compassion , compromise, and life as we seek to thrive on this planet.

We thrive only by having love and life of others around us and this broadens our chances of survival, keeping up our spirits and death at bay.

Would you see us separate and scattered across this countryside, you would see us perished a long time ago.

When the Earth was fresh, unweaned anywhere from the touch of Godfulness in thought or spiritual link, we persisted, survived more weather conditions and dangerous storms than we see today out of natural weather. However, the presence of demonic energies and mass occupation of fliers…


What do you mean “fliers”??!



We mean the presence of disorder of another race of humans destructured into robots. We call this presence fliers.

For their unsober presence of deconstruction -indistinct every presence and unresolved  issues of sadness and revenge.

So it is this presence that creates a black cloud over the territory and state of mind of compassion , blacking out the possibility of joy  with robotic aspects in your culture as humanity.


So blow out this raging fire of wrath heaped upon you by others.

Billow up from the Earth, energies -all that you can – to distinguish yourselves from these others present in your society .

They wish death and destruction upon you  and us as well, who seek to enlighten and bring past wisdom into current times and populations.

It serves their purpose to unjoy situations, unpeace and unlove and turn tables to deconstruct those that would bring peace. We see no merit in what they do .

We seek to plan joy in our movement of grace and freewill of life and Life Force in our daily and hourly life thoughts, movement, freewill as a gesture too, to humankind.



Overall the cost in this energy to keep from being usurped into other ways is a hardship, it benefits us, but we make little gain against the rising tide.

We reach out too, to our Sasquatch brothers and ride their wave of compassion , gaining our trust again that we stay on the path Creator has sought for us and return with wonder and love to our task.

How else but in freedom can we live and seed our young ones? There is no other way.

We wish it for all good in humanity that there is a clarity, trust , Oneness, and the truthsayers that gain the proper attention to get a common mindset to stay on the path against the onslaught by many including other species in distance battlefields  that seek humanity’s harm and the windfall against your planet. We birth in another source, other planes of dimensions.

So although we are comfortable here on this planet, it is in fact not our only home.

We have residual souls living on far distance planets with living suns/ stars in realtime now.

We share common signatures of energy and encompass Light Sunshine to anchor this on other planets too.

This dictates a sense of freedom of all in realms all in our presence.



 Do you communicate with your relatives’ souls on other planets?


We do in fact gain satisfactory contact with our fellow beings souls on distant planets. They share with us wisdom and a common love for life. We die, we live, and our souls persist, as it is for humankind. We develop new thoughts and patterns that serve us and others in future times.

With our oneness and solitude that we can find in our rooted systems, we collect a synthesis of energy coming from all that have contact with us, as you carry things in your energy field , so we are touched by others in our energy field and so we soak up the flavours if you will of different species, tapping into their thoughts they have scattered as energy “crumbs” around us.

We are accustomed to you and your energy as a species and we transfer and translate this to our other soul brothers on their distant planets.


It is their will to receive this and understand and coat our energy with a force of theirs that is protective and of course grounded in love and Oneness.

Distance is not a factor, all are entreated with Creator Energies, however this wisdom imparted from us, may save them in future times , as is their protective energy assisting us in an assortment of ways that determines and factors into our unity destiny as we seek to persist  on this planet for Oneness sake and for the Enlightenment of humans.


…”we seek to persist  on this planet for Oneness sake and for the Enlightenment of humans.”    


Our growth and Oneness persists in all of our offspring far and wide, it matters not where.

We seek to improve conditions for you by bringing and anchoring peace in our time with you as a governing body serving to judge and contend with those forces set against you. [Judging which forces are against humanity].

We seek to bring harmony , so whatever form that takes in those hearts that resonate this, we support with all our hearts and minds and spirits.


Speaking of minds, how do you time seasons and if upcoming winters are going to be long or late or early or extra cold or mild?



We plan ahead in all aspects of our lives and this unity of action between individuals and even between species combines to form a great database of energy wisdom  that achieves this diversity of response as we come close to the weather conditions affecting us the most such as long harsh winters or long persistent drought , winds and hot weather.


We resist the cold better than drought and high wind, so therefore those conditions we seek to abbreviate as much as possible and we do this with our shift in thinking. It is a planetary shift that helps us too.

We seek the direct thoughts of Natural Forces, the Elements, that seek to bring balance, sometimes with these harsh conditions, that brings a level – back to the start.


We know when they are going to do this , they seek to give us advance warning , they whisper in the winds to seek and gain our attention with their energy , their persistence and some gain this knowledge and understanding .

The winds of change we hear and feel long before you do, but if you bring your heart open wide into Oneness, you will gain this Treasure of Knowledge for yourself too.


Please keep this in mind as you seek to attune yourself to these forests and understand the energies swirling on your planet. In keeping with all [gathered] here we do not work against you though you and your kind seek to do us harm in so many ways with draining the water table, poisoning the skies, residue in the skies that coats and penetrates now our leaves establishing a blight on the leaves that is hard for us to extract- be rid of.

These morgellons twist and push into the leaves and bark and grow big inside our interiors and seek to destroy.


We know not where they come from this technology – we ask our bretheren on other planets  they know not either.

Aside from this, we keep on, and persist in our change of heart and long implementation of serving humankind with Grace and Ease.

We wish to see change and seek change as we move forward on our path.

We govern strength and depth of feeling with which we accomplish the anchoring of God on this planet and thus assist humans in the understanding of the depth of love of the Creator of All That Is .

We know not what the future brings and we persist with where we go in this place on this planet.


Humanitarian needs are great at this present time and we seek only to help because we know what befalls you at this time.

It is not a pleasant time for humanity caught in the darkness .

There are traps hidden but there are ways out into your freedom, and we seek to bring you the Light, to see your way out of this darkness, like funnel of darkness, this trap into which humanity is slowly falling forward.

Unknowing, unaware, unforeseen, by many.


What is the best thing for me, and us (humanity) to do to be rid of darkness and be in Light?


We cannot predict for you.

We cannot show you, only Grace can bring you this way into redemption and Oneness and ease of living that is known as the Flow.

And this is where WE THE TREES on this planet all seek to bring humanity.


There are movements started of forest bathing. It is known that capturing this intention of ours, is bringing peace, love, tranquility to mankind, and it is this energy of ours that will best serve you as you move forward through this painful time.


We will not leave you, we will not desert you or leave you hanging up to dry as you say, but we persist as you do, and your and our freedom are precious.


For now we say our love and goodbye until next time

Go in peace and love and unity Oneness for all to understand, to unknowingly on a subconscious level, to tap into by Grace and Freewill.

We will explain further in the future and so it is, and will be forever to come.


With Thanks,

The Treedom of Cathedral Grove , Vancouver Island, BC.



Thank you so much for your wisdom, advice, kindness, patience, love and companionship.

I honour this time with you and presence of all the trees on this planet and beyond.

Peace, love unity joy,and Flow

We will be back


Pass this message on

With love.


Fiona M

Fiona M

Fiona is a Certified Reiki Practitioner from Port Moody, BC, Canada.She is also a certified ThetaHealer®, Animal Healer and Animal Communicator, and Akashic Record Reader. Fiona channels many Higher Consciousness Beings of Light and uses her intuitive abilities to assist her clients. She is in the process of gaining her diploma in the powerful healing modality of Forensic Healing ®, founded by Marisa Russo
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