Holy Fire Reiki

What is Holy Fire Reiki?pink mountains

The Holy Fire Reiki is a new Reiki Energy that presented itself to William Rand during a time of class preparation for an ART class in Maui in January 2014. A lot of information was channeled by William Rand at this time and the upcoming class was changed accordingly and classes have been taught in this style by the ICRT since then.
The Holy Fire energy releases the use of the Violet Breath (or the Gold Breath) and also releases the use of the Two Tibetan symbols (that were added to Reiki many years after the original teachings) – Tibetan DKM and also the Reiki FS. The Holy Fire energy is very deep and originates from the 3rd Heaven according to teachings.
The attunement process for the Usui Masters and Karuna ® Masters classes is also very different with a pre-ignition process that purges anything that no longer serves, including anything mental, emotional, physical or spiritual within us, and also our guides and totems 24 hours before the start of 2 ignition meditations or “Experiences”, each a day apart. These “Experiences” are the attunements for the Master classes, which  now have a new class manual as of March 2016. The Reiki I and II manual is still unchanged because there are no changes for the students at that level of teaching.


The Holy Fire II Reiki Upgrade on March 17th 2016

With the Holy Fire II Upgrade that was initiated on March 17th 2016, the attunement process for the  Reiki Level I and II, and ART is now called a “Placement”, and reduces the amount of interaction between student and teacher during the initiation- therefore the process is said to be less influenced by the teacher’s own energies making it a more pure process.

My previous Holy Fire Master students may contact me for a free upgrade into the Holy Fire II, and other Holy Fire Master students will be charged a small fee for the upgrade and supplementary booklet. This will allow these master Students to initiate their own students into Holy Fire II, do healing attunements, as well as developing their own Holy Fire healing channels into deeper, more powerful instruments.
Holy Fire energy goes “deeper” as it comes from a higher level of consciousness. It works continuously as issues arise, healing is rapid but gentle, relationships benefit from healing, it allows one to live free of fear and worry, and receive guidance, particularly to live in a higher vibration with positive thought forms, and a sense of unconditional love. Furthermore, over time, the Holy Fire Reiki becomes a stronger energy (more effective) as the channel of energy is anchored deeper with more use- hence the upgrade to Holy Fire Reiki II.

All these qualities are present in Holy Fire II Reiki I&II , and become more pronounced in the Holy Fire II ART/Master and Holy Fire II Karuna® classes.


All these changes may seem confusing!  Please call me  (604 961 3048) if you have any questions or visit www.reiki.org.