Healing Mentorship

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We tend to take care of our teeth, our eyes, but do we take care of our bodies, and our mental, emotional, and spiritual health as well?

Most people seem to be more concerned about the wellness of their vehicle than the wellness of themselves!  Does that make sense to you?

Self care is important, it is not selfish! When you are depleted of energy, how are you able to help others, or put your all into your jobs, family, relationships and social lives??

You are worthy of complete wellness!  You are deserving of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness and it is time to honour yourself in this fast-paced world that we live in. Give yourself permission to heal, become whole, centered, grounded, balanced, stress free, and connected to Source and all life during monthly or bi-weekly sessions, so you can face your busy life empowered, at peace, and knowing that you are stepping into your full potential!

Isn’t it time to clear old energies, close a chapter of your life that is siphoning your joy and energy?



Healing Mentorship

In order to support your healing process in the most effective and efficient way, I am now offering healing mentorship packages (3 month and 6 month and 6 month premium).

I feel that this is advantageous to you, my client, in the following ways:

*You become more committed and connected  to your healing process, therefore have a reinforced visualization of success


*True transformation occurs because of better follow -through and follow -up


*Greater trust in the process of energy healing as you have greater understanding and start to know yourself better


*Added benefits that come with a Healing Mentorship Package- ***email me for details!


*Gain a wholistic view of your health and your life journey


*Understand the Law of Attraction and start to live your life benefiting powerfully from this Law in ALL aspects of your life!


*** Contact Fiona for more details: fiona@mossomcreekreiki.com


Healing Packages

Stress -Solver Six $460 :

Receive $20 off for registering before November 15 2017! Must be used within 6 months of date of purchase.

These 6 sessions include:

*choice of modalities

*can include one pet (Animal Healing and Communication)  

*a handout of tips and advice to support your healing.


Team-work Twelve $920:

This package of 12 sessions can include your partner! Must be used within one year of purchase.

This awesome package includes

*choice of modalities

*can be divided between you and your partner  (eg 6 sessions each)

*a handout of tips and advice to support your healing.


*a remote property clearing worth $80!


Please contact Fiona for more information: fiona@mossomcreekreiki.com