Forensic Healing™

Forensic Healing™ was created by Marisa Russo in  2006 and was offered as a modality in 2011.


FH combines science (pin pointing factual details) and intuition (connection to Highest Source energy) to identify and release unwanted / negative energy in the Light Body or energy system of a person or plant or animal and replace with positive energy.

The laser targeted healings result in astounding healings within minutes.

The case is closed with integration of DNA upgrades, blessings, closing of harmful portals and connection to guides.

Fiona offers healing sessions in Forensic Healing®, now for a limited time (until November 15 2017) at a reduced rate, thereafter rates increase . Contact Fiona for details:

Fiona finally has her diploma in Forensic Healing after a second  7 day live training programme in October 2017 in LA with Marisa!!!


See her you tube videos. The healing pathways include principles, energy, physics, emotions, spirit and now the new module, soul.

If you are interested in taking the live training, visit the FH website directly at Marisa returns to Santa Monica in 2019 with the next module “Ascension” . You can also take the course online.