Distance Healing

What is Remote Healing?

Distance or Remote or Absence energy healing is healing that is sent anywhere in the world to a person, animal, event (past or future) at any prearranged time. This is convenient as Client and Practitioner can be across the globe from one another, privacy is maintained,  and sessions are affordable.

How does it work?

-14 distanceDistance healing can be done using different modalities including Reiki, Forensic Healing ™, ThetaHealing® EDINA, Akashic Records, Animal Healing and Communication, Oracle cards, Tea Leaf Readings, and Ceromancy.

A Reiki Practitioner needs to have had training in the second level or higher, to channel Universal Healing Energy anywhere in the world by focusing the healing channel with the use of the sacred Reiki symbols, and the focused intent on the person, pet or event detailed by the client, and “tuning in” to the grid or Field of the Universe.

I would encourage  you, the reader, to dip into a few books (listed under “sources”) to find out more about how Distance Healing works. Remote or Distance Healing is an accepted form of healing among Energy Healers worldwide, and it really works just as well as a one- to –one appointment. I would encourage nay-sayers to give it a try before dismissing it out of hand. I give emailed feedback for Distance Reiki I do.

The distance Reiki symbol is the third symbol learned in the Usui system and translates to:

“The God in me reaches out to the God in you, and we are one” essentially meaning that we make a connection between the Higher Self of others and our own for the purpose of healing.


The use of this symbols opens the 6th chakra and therefore the intuition, making a connection with anything or anyone anywhere in any time (past, present or future).

Distance healing allows the practitioner to give very focused healings and reach where he or she physically cannot, inside the body.

IMG_2078 The Distance Healing symbol can also be used to send a Reiki Flow or Permanent Distance Healing with the use of the Reiki Healing Box or a crystal grid so multiple people, events and healing situations can be  healed simultaneously.

Reiki sent into the past allows an upsetting or traumatic event in the past to receive Reiki, allowing the client to ameliorate his or her feelings over this past traumatic event.

Similarly, Reiki sent into the future can be “programmed” to reach a person at a time of need, such as at an upcoming job interview or post -surgery.

This symbol is also used to send healing to a global situation, such as a war- zone, the site of a natural disaster or a country undergoing major transition (referendum, change in leadership etc).