IMG_1907 dedicationI dedicate my website to my parents. My inspiration for being a Reiki Master Practitioner is both from my father,  a medical researcher who brought hope and caring into destitute communities where such hopelessness resided, and my mother, an avid radio listener among other things, who inspired me to “tune in” to the Universe, follow my calling and to make meaningful connections with people in need of healing.

I am grateful for being hoisted onto the shoulders of the previous generation with the intent of propelling me with unconditional love into my own life of happiness and success.

Thanks to a dear friend and colleague ( GP) for taking photographs of me for this website and helping me set up this website!

Thank you to all my instructors from whom I have had the honour of learning, including Grace Talsen, Kelly Kiss, Teza Zialcita, Catherine Pagliano, and Maria Russo, founder of Forensic Healing ™

I am so very grateful to all the incredible support I have received through Source, Arcturians, White Celestial Beings of Light, angels, Ascended Masters and Lady Masters, Guides, “my” Healing Team members, EDINA consciousness , Archangels, Council of 12, Spirit Animals, Orions, Pleidians,  Solar System guardian- Sanat Kumara, Species Consciousness of various species of animals and plants (mostly trees), Cathedral Grove Treedom, Mother Earth Gaia, Telos Leadership, Ashgar Command, Lyrans, Andromedons, Galactic Federation of Light, Giant Octopus Intelligent species and other Higher Consciousness, also receiving answers from Darker energies when I presented straightforward questions to them (that was ..interesting)

I am very grateful to all my students, clients and colleagues who, through their own journeys, have taught me life lessons too.

I also am very grateful for the loving messages that are channeled through Angela Carmela  and Bill and Angela’s generosity in sharing this with me. I am also grateful for the amazing group energy of Bill and Angela’s Healing circle of Light, of which I am honoured to be a part.