Courses 2018

Reiki Shares

First Wednesday of the month 615- 8:30pm

suggested donation $15


Regular Meditations

Last Friday of the Month 6:45- 8pm

suggested donation $15


Synchronised Meditation for the Planet (stay at home !)

Second Monday of the month 8-9pm


Break out of the Matrix Meditation and Healing

Third Sunday of the month (synchronised -Stay at home)


Reiki Classes in Usui Holy Fire II and Karuna ®


Please contact me to schedule a class if it is outside of preset dates.

January 2019

Wednesday 930-1pm  January 23, 30 (new moon on the 21st )

Thursday 930-2pm January 24, 31

Holy Fire II Usui Reiki  Level I and Level II

February 2019

Holy Fire II Usui Reiki  ART and Master Teacher

Monday, Tuesday Thursday and Friday 930-2pm

Wednesday 930-1pm

February 18th-22nd with full moon on the 19th.


 Workshops in 2018


Soul Freedom and Sovereignty with Forensic Healing ™

We will focus on the soul for this healing set and bring awareness around Full Disclosure, and The Event. Please see my blog on soul sovereignty for more information.

Date: Two Sundays: October 14th and 28th 2018 (full moon on 24th)

Time 9-10 am.


Fee: $40 plus a FREE Life Pattern Reading and the age it was embedded


Forgiveness Workshop:

melting glacier

I will be offering again this year, the weekly Forgiveness Workshop scheduled on Wednesday evenings for 4 weeks- see below.

This workshop is designed to assist in the release of energies, thought patterns, beliefs and sabotage or sacrifice tendencies that we sometimes don’t realise that we have. Once we can identify these we feel the burden in our energy field and we realise how much they have been impinging on our liberty and love and freedoms in our life. We can then free ourselves and allow forgiveness to uplift our vibration. Depending on how long we have been holding this energy, we can feel immediate relief from pain and stress.

Following on from the public introduction, this is a 4 week (one hour per week) course and you will emerge feeling more powerful, fulfilled, and centered!

Release, recharge and reconnect as you follow the course, complete your handouts- which becomes your journal and record of your journey through forgiveness towards your True Essence, your True Self.


Starting Date: October 17 and 24th and November 21st and 28th (full moons October 24 and November 23rd)

Venue: Mossom Creek Reiki and Wellness, Port Moody

Time: 7- 8pm

Price: $72


Learning Light Language and connection with Galactic Heritage

and  Advanced Learning Light Language and connection with Galactic Heritage

light beam

Mossom Creek Reiki & Wellness /  Universal Love Ignite which has a website and a facebook page, as well as event pages, offer this class.

These workshops are going to be offered online via online conferencing  and feature

*approx 6 hours of fun-driven Activations for speaking (and listening to) Light Language

*several meditations

*a pre workshop healing session with Fiona.

Date: TBA

Venue: online conferencing

How: register  and return your signed waiver for the conferencing invitation, and dropbox links to the registration package

Price: TBA including prerequisite group healing online


Pacific Westcoast Reiki


I have been blessed with some very sacred information, including symbols with associated healing energy and how  and when to use them. The  functions of these energies are many and varied, and the energy helps with the process of humanity’s awakening, as well as the transformation of Earth into a 5th dimensional planet.

The energy is a Divine unity between the powerful energies of Mother Earth specifically here, on the Pacific West Coast, and the high vibration 5th Plane energies of Reiki, and the practitioner is in perfect alignment from below and from above channeling these energies. There are also symbols direct from Source energy on the 7th Plane.

There four levels to the course, the third and fourth levels will be taught at least 3 months after the first two levels.

The prerequisite for the course is being a Reiki Master for at least 6 months.

Date: Contact me for details!

Venue: Mossom Creek Reiki and Wellness, Port Moody

Price: $275 (level 1 and 2)

Attunement is in-person, as with all other Reiki.

I would like to share this knowledge with the world!


Tree Whispering


 Outdoor workshop on Tree Whispering!

What you will Learn:

**different ways to connect to the trees and bushes.

 **the wisdom of the  consciousness of various species of plants.

**how to take care of our forests and greenways.

**how to receive healing from plants

Drop in weekly ($85) or 3 weeks

Summer 2019

June 29th 2019

August 3rd and 31st

Saturdays 230-4pm

Price: $200

Bring outdoor wear, snack , water and journal


Intuition workshop


Develop many different ways that you can tap into your own intuition and begin to live a fuller, more connected life!

Including Intuition Light Language Activation

Time: 9am -4:30pm

Date: November 3& 4 2018

Venue: Mossom Creek Reiki and Wellness, Port Moody

Price: $ 250 for 2 day workshop