I am a Canadian Reiki Association registered Teacher  and an Affiliate Member of the International Centre for Reiki Training. I strive to bring you the latest curriculum, and always include extra aspects from my own experience of Reiki into my classes to enrich the experience.

Upon successful completion of your class, you will receive a certificate. You will also receive a manual for the class.

Please contact me directly at if you would like to take any of the following  classes!

Classes that I teach include :

Reiki : Usui Style

Holy Fire II Usui Reiki level I $200

Holy Fire II Usui Reiki level II $300

Holy Fire II Usui Reiki Advanced Reiki Techniques (ART) $300

Holy Fire II Usui Reiki Master / Teacher $550


The prerequisite for Karuna Reiki ® is Usui Master / Teacher level for at least 6 months:

Karuna Reiki ®

Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki ® level I and II  $450

Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki ® Master/ Teacher $550

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki ® Level I, II, Master/ Teacher $895


Please let me know if you would like more information about the classes. I do follow the  curriculum and also the requirements of both the CRA and the ICRT.


Pacific West Coast Reiki

This Sacred information was imparted to me over several months. It was an overwhelming experience to be sitting at Barnett Beach be downloaded with so much information surrounded by the raw beauty of British Columbia- the Ocean, the mountains and the forests.

I experienced the sheer and utter unbounded Joy  and Unconditional Love of the planet, of the Universe, as this information was coming to me.


I truly found the power of complete gratitude and surrender  and was given a glimpse of the grandeur, sacredness, and vastness of the Universe in a way that I had never before experienced in this lifetime.

The prerequisite for this course is Usui Master / Teacher level for at least 6 months.

Level I, II and Master.


Intuition Weekend Workshop

Developing your intuition and finding out more about different ways to use your intuition and tapping into different intuitive “resources”.

We will cover a lot of material and there will be lots of practice time. It is a fun class!

Please contact me if you are feeling ready to open this door that will never fully close again!



Meditations are on a regular schedule.

They are offered on the last Friday of the month 6:45 for 7pm, ending at 8 pm

There are usually 2 meditations each of these evenings, and a theme to the evening.

There is also a virtual synchronised meditation the second Monday of every month at 8pm – 9pm your local time for a wave of love and gratitude to wash around Mother Earth for 24 hours , so tell your friends in other time zones too, so they can join in please !!


Please remember to RSVP 2 days in advance to to reserve your spot or to indicate your intention to synch meditations!

Bring journal, your beautiful smile, cosy socks and water bottle!

Suggested donation: $10



Reiki Shares are on a regular schedule. I am a Canadian Reiki Association registered Teacher so I can sign off on your CEU forms if you are intending to become certified!

Third Thursday of the month 6:15-8:30 pm

Please bring your journal, water bottle, questions, and great energy!

Energy exchange: $15