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Going up to Theta, the All That Is.                                         Nov 13 2017



November 13

I am the Lord God Creator of All That Is, and I come to you this day through your Higher Self, which I believe is connecting much easier for you these days !

Yes thank you!


(Am I on theta Plane with the All That Is- just confirming again!)

You are on the 7th plane in Theta, Fiona.

And so it is.


The Event:

And to please your curiosity I am here to answer your questions about about the Event, full disclosure and unity forthwith and henceforth

And it pleases me to tell you the gifts of opportunity, of change are upon you through the revelence and intergrative shift into consciousness that gains ground in the Peace Realm.


I AM the Mighty I AM presence of God I feel your reluctance to believe fully, to trust fully this information  that comes as a dream come true, a dream too perfect for reality, for now readily I say unto you, Blissful happenings will come of this Disclosure .

The cat will be out of the bag, and she will be running for all to see.

(I know how much you like cats)


Keep your mindfulness on Positive Divine Virtues

And so turn your heads towards comfort and joy, truth and justice, harmony  and balance, purity and greatness, sovereignty and dignity, respect, mercy, strength, love, peace, harmony, creativity, generosity, kindness, compassion, honesty, openness in communication, friendship and union, balance and kinship, relentless quest for truth, peace justice,  love and joy for all, abundance of hard cash, before converting to a cashless society, propriety, neighbourhoods of love, contingent on giving time, service, peace,  quality of life, respect, Oneness, hope, equality on terms of freedom, abundance, opportunity, respect, and joy.

This coming freedom from tyranny is interrupted now by the entrapment of humanity in enslavement, poverty, stress, coping mechanisms, programming, and “thought police” in the loosest terms.

The shadow government  revels in money abundance, barters in fear, and shamelessly reduces humanity to ghosts of their previous selves. And their Essence of Love  and sovereignty, and much forgiveness needs to take place to get the show on the road, so to speak. I have witnessed much change taking place recently , the rally points around you planet Earth are teeming with activity, joy, frequency of freedom, love, oneness, it is tangible  in the air, the cosmos as a living testament to freedom  of humanity coming fast upon us.


Why the delay?

And so you ask about the time bombs there have been , rigged in humanity, and alas, so it is, and so it must be dealt with, with impunity, if not to plunge all humanity into darkness once again , and in fact all creation. True in this regard.


The cluster stars would retreat and pull with them such an abundance of energy that it would whiplash through the cosmos sending wells of deep space darkness in ripples, wrapping  around and around upon itself causing chaos , and a disaster so large the scale of which  has never been seen before.

AND we would NOT wish to see this happen to all life in the cosmos or humanity.



Ensuring our safety

So prepare, soldiers of Light, for your freedom  as we, legions of Light behind the scenes reflect on this. The jury is out as to the completion of the disarmament to their fundamental elements , that make up the boundary into freedom (ie. when this will be complete)

We would sweep again your light bodies to make sure all (time bombs) has been captured . The sneak and stealth factors cannot be hidden to us, but we need to first look in the right places, or alas our existence will be threatened  as land will cease to be into matter in the universe.


This predicament will wash out with the Light Forces that lead their collective brains , knowledge and wisdom  of all worlds on this issue/ matter. And together we gain insight as to how we plunge the darkness into Light , shamelessly revealing truth and knowledge to all.

We pertain to the collective  technologies  lying futile in drawers,  offices etc awaiting  transferal into reality.


What will come first?

What is the first thing that Light workers will have to respond to?

Is the Event going to be a bombshell, or more subtle??


A subtle shift

The reason for the shift to be more subtle is the underlying sense of fear is so ingrained in humanity . This can be cast out, but being multi-generational it is the biggest challenge .


Light workers in truth will be guided in the way , as Way showers.

There is nothing to be alarmed about.

Freedom, gifts of tender, spontaneous and free.

No-one in harms way .

The way forward will be shown to all, and the gifts with which the Light bearers have been gifted will lift others into their joy and freedom in no small way .

It will be no small feat.

Prepare ourselves

Can we ask that Creator show humanity from Creator’s perspective what it looks like and feels like to live in peace and have this as humanities “Blessing Ball of Light” to take into their hearts individually as they see fit?


Yes indeed, sister of Light and Love, Wayshower, and Light bearer  and Oneness, comparer of the Past.

You have the gifts that also serve humanity , ideas and creativity to weave wonders of joy and Light , as so too your colleagues.

So you can indeed begin your work this way

Thank you and into Oneness, unity, peace, love joy , and blessings,

Creator of All That Is

Thank you


Later in the day after more research I had more questions:


The subtle invasion is happening?


Yes the religious agenda has transferred much trickery in your realm today and it seeks to ignite a different perspective on life on your planet , giving away gifts of life to propagate on other territories and realms of apocalypse states giving terrestrial life little chance of survival in truth on these realms on other worlds. And so we ask you to retain your connection with us the Divine, with nature and with your nature of your true essence, to contemplate your intentions and your decisions daily and repeatedly to ensure you are on track with your own agenda of freewill and love and the realm of oneness and unity for all humanity on your realm, your planet, off-world aside.

We exist in your hearts, minds and spirits and spiritual realms and dimensions of many in number and reality and so exists the gift of humanity as the state of freewill and oneness which has yet to be attained (fully).


And so the octopus species was one example? (I channeled through Angelic and with guardians the species known to be in deals with the Cabal in front of  at least a dozen witnesses in LA)


Yes and no

The interbreeding is not going on with this group, however they do exit here to come forth in numbers and take some aspects of your realm to other worlds in the cosmos. And redistribute sperm of species to create life on other worlds.


How many species are seeking to influence humanity and subtly invade our planet this way?


There are tens of species for now.  They exist here solely in this respect , to gain territory and new states of existence and seek to influence your leaders and more to gain for themselves – all by subtle means.



What other species?  how do they come in ?



They interface directly with your species using mind control techniques known to them for thousands of years .

There is much trickery at work


Why is so little info out there?

The truth has to be let out in increments, gently

The truth disclosure is already a whole host of things to absorb and more at the time would seem overwhelming and even esoteric in nature and influence humanity less. With this second phase of small scale disclosure it was sought to keep contained the fear and instead reach constructive grounds within which to create working solutions and so yes there is much on the go behind the scenes and this is to safeguard the gem of your world.


World peace sets the stage for world co-operation and therefore a united force with which to face the invading species. It is a competitive world out there as some of your films have suggested and been inspired from true events in fact, a fact which you might find comical. But the influence is there, the world spectrum viewed from above.


And what you are seeing is the influence of mind control and blackouts that cause confusion, and allow the voices of influence to cut in, break through, and provide “clarity” in a way that is a” life-line” when there seems to little else that makes sense.

However this is part of the tactic.

World Peace is the Focus, ABOVE ALL

Please keep world peace at the core of your directive. It is through peace that you, humanity, gain your understanding of the big picture with the greatest rapidity.

And absolve yourselves of the unwanted forces at work in your world, creating a tide, ceasing to exist without influence of humanity  and suffering your world and its beauty such great loss that your communities on such a scale have never seen before .

But focusing power on the good, the Light the Oneness, Peace and Love of others and protection of forces of the Light, will keep these outside influences at bay, but eventually you will have to learn for yourselves as a species as you gain experience and trust in your own abilities , as you have, my dear Fiona, the truth seeker, the truth sayer and the one with greatness up her sleeve.

Your gifts and abilities are limited in this realm and under higher skies they will soar. It is up to you to trust them and allow them freedom, freedom of movement and realms and travel, influence of the Ascended Masters and Angelic Ones, Archangel Realms and Rays of Divination, previously blocked from entry by humans and like species below the light quotient .


But since we have seen persistence and radiance we have come to learn of the immense abilities of humankind to step up with resilience and endurance to overcome many great obstacles, learning in a rapid time the learning curve being so steep as to be hardly believed and astounding many . And so I have this message for you today dear one to step into your greatness, your prime of the Light Walk and take up your staff and influences and be putting yourself on the road to freedom of humanity- the mission- peace and endurance to evolve beyond the mind-control, to sovereign power and mastery of self, and to step into this role as you influence others and and so as you beget your power, so you empower others with their own sovereign gifts too.

What and Who is Creator of All That Is

And so we let you be on your way tonight Fiona and reach out to receive guidance as we are god willing (always) Available to you and your truth in the depths of oneness with us the Lord God of Realms-Beyond-Realms, and truth-upon-truths of Infinity that is the great expanse of the multiverse, realms and spheres within spheres, and pyramids within pyramids and beyond that is the great mystery of the infinite cosmos, the deep, the mysteries of which you would like to unravel in depth at some time, deep into time as it itself will be investigated by you one of these fine day as you beget you power and sustainability.

And so we your Lord God, the Healer of all, the All That Is, the All Life, the All Love the All That Exists and the Influence upon all with Love In and as  the Highest Power of all , now do bid you a good night and deep restful sleep as you awaken you little ones early in the morning lovely. Thank you  and thank you for the opportunity of this important and ground -breaking transmission.

Thank you for your transmission and all the information

Fiona M

Fiona M

Fiona is a Certified Reiki Practitioner from Port Moody, BC, Canada.She is also a certified ThetaHealer®, Animal Healer and Animal Communicator, and Akashic Record Reader. Fiona channels many Higher Consciousness Beings of Light and uses her intuitive abilities to assist her clients. She is in the process of gaining her diploma in the powerful healing modality of Forensic Healing ®, founded by Marisa Russo
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