Feedback on the “Prayer for the 200” Mission

Message from Chief Big Sky, Cherokee Nation                    November 7 2018


What you do here, in your work, we see it, we are your ancestors  and creators of a new Reality into the future that we see

We wish for your survival into the future


Us too !!

There are big problems on the planet


Yes! It is of grave concern to us, the buffalo, the crops, failing to provide the energy – sustainable Life Force Energy – for humanity. It is cloned crops, cleared of Life Force Energy  and reducing  the nutrients that is brought into the body

We see corn crops that are  lifeless, but green and waving in the wind.


We see the forests battered by mankind.


But we see you and your kind- of Lightworkers bringing new Energy  back to the earth, the planet.


Dissolving love into every raindrop.


It is good what we see here.

It makes our hearts shine and be proud of humanity – rising together to give love for their planet.

It shows the way for the younger generation to follow after and gain understanding of the Planet, our Mother Earth.


We intend much love, deep love for you and your kind here on Earth.


(thinking of moon cycles course I am doing, celtic traditions, my contact with the Sidhe)


The Celts, They bring Life Force back too from deep within the Earth where their structures now lie


You mean Sidhe or Celts?


Celtic Energy- absorbed into Sidhe, in some ways because we are all One, Sister of the Earth, and you know this (!)


Life is important this way

We see what you do and it pleases us.


(They offer me the Peace Pipe, as we are joined by others in ceremony. He introduces them as they step forward around the fire and share the Pipe. My spirit animals instantly join me.)


My brother from the Shawnee Nation

My brother from The Crow Nation

And my son from the Cherokee Nation


I sit with my spirit animals

And so we are one, brothers and sisters, we take our place at the big round table of life and gather in Song and Celebration of Life and Dance

Talking, eating , sharing stories, telling truths and offering gifts…


Thank you


In my mind I offer knotted blankets, moccasins, beaded and flapping strips, wheel of life,/ Medicine Wheel, and little shoes for kids.


Then I see my son from another lifetime running through the plants and laughing- playing hide and seek with me.

I feel such pride, joy and love for him- he is about 4 years old.


Thank you for your prayers today, and taking the Peace Pipe

We respect you, Sister of Peace


Go about your work with our blessing


You path lies before you You are walking proudly, strongly and freely

You have your spirit animals with you

Show us Peace and we will follow.

Peace Love and Blessings,


Thank you.

There were 3 more transmissions came through that evening  and perhaps I will share these in the future…I am still processing the messages..

Message from Stargate Beings 53

Channeled message from Stargate Beings 53                      November 2nd 2018




My daughter and I were sitting in meditation, praying over our Reiki box, which included the countries on which we were focusing Unconditional Love as part of a particular mission from the Sophia Dragon Tribe.


My daughter said to me in the middle of the meditation that there was some entity that wanted to communicate. I said that I did not feel anything. She said that she had asked them to instead talk through me rather than her, she was not ready to become a channel.

So I tuned in via my ThetaHealing© screening protocol.

The energy was extremely subtle, but the message was clear, and here follows the message.


Me: What is your intent?


Pure Intent (loving and a feeling of unconditional love)


Me: Are you here on Creator of All That Is’  endorsement ?




Me: Who are you ?


We are a newly formed Higher Council


Me: What is your mission?


To help the Earth Beings- humanity


Me: It’s hard to tune in to you.


We are 21st  density beings


Me: So it’s hard for you to reach our time and dimension?


Definity !!!


Me: Thank you for trying.


You are most welcome


Me: Why did you try to channel through my daughter first?


Because there is something plaguing her.


Me: Are you here to help other Beings on our planet too? (Sasquatch? Sidhe? Elementals?)


Just humanity


Me: What is your point of contact mandate?


We wish to impart to you the transfer of Energy strategies with which to rid the body, mind and soul of Lower Energy  micro pathogens of which you are not aware operating on and off frequency phases in and out of your bodies.


Me: These are these incidences of a few seconds or so of intense pain absolutely anywhere in the body at any time – nothing serious enough to mention to anyone, nothing serious enough to go and see the doctor about- seemingly random neural or muscular snarl-ups in the system – spasms of pain for no apparent reason- this is what you mean?


Yes, they frequently tune in and out and bring discomfort, and arrest the train of thought, even subconscious thought  with which you rest and dream at night.


They are plaguing your daughter, so to rid these lower entities  (for that is what they are)

You must prepare your body for sleep in a way not too dissimilar from what you do now  but include a message to us, the Stargate Beings 53 of whom you are now acquainted, and we will phase these creatures to a new reality according to Creator’s decision.

The withhold the past memories that would help and assist you on your way/ journey in life.


So with our discretion and your permission, we have charged ourselves this small task/ job for humanity and it starts with you !


Me: Amazing


Yes indeed how amazing ! (laughter)


Me: Thank you


We accept your gratitude in kind and your passion for your work.


(To my daughter, a fashion Student at KPU) :

The pieces of fabric you fashion together fascinate us to be sure !!


Me: We were prayer for our planet, unconditional love one nation at a time to bring unity and harmony, love and peace.


We agree there is much work to be done  regarding your countries so doing this work of Unconditional Love  one by one as a service to humanity is part of why we were attracted by your prayers and Energy now (together).


Me: Wow!
Wow Indeed!

You humans seem unaware much of the time of us, and the impact of your prayers and they can be seen- ironically you cannot, but the intent shows as a light and we see the purity from humanity as well as the curses of which we encourage you and humanity to please keep to a minimum. The curses we mean.


(They show those incidental “darn”,  “Oh hang it” and “Shoot “-(cancel cancel cancel) I admit that I did not view as an all out curse with no maliciousness behind it just disappointment or frustration, but apparently that counts too!). Next time the compost bag breaks before I get it in the big bin on garbage day I will hold my tongue and be more mindful…called out on my mistakes I take it with a sense of humour.


Yes we have a sense of humour too- (laughter )


Me: I love it !! (laughter )


We love it too!

We love you too!


Me: Can you give us more information please?


Not at this time but we are interested to see if you will take us up on our offer!


Me: We will thank you !
Update: (we have )


Me: Can I add this clearing to my Reiki box?


Yes, indeed!


The Truth will set you Free!


Me: How do you see Reiki?

What healing do you do if you need it at all??


We see your Reiki prayer and what you do- deeply, very deeply, and it is astounding to see the growth in many around you as a result of your work and concentric circle  of Light the reaches further and further into the universe and to even attract our eye as unlikely candidates for our help on 21st density levels, as we see your willingness to combine intent  and Energy with Energy Action and that shakes up the negative intent that has clearly been a force on your planet for many thousand millennia .


Me: Wow long time !!


Yes this history of intolerance and enslavement goes further back as we see it.


With Grace and Ease…

We allow you back to your prayers  and send highest energy to you all.



Sending love and gratitude


Peace unto you and all humanity

We observe your growth on your planet with some concern- pollution and such.


Do not hesitate to call on us when you are in need of assistance…

With Grace and Ease, we exit.


Me: Thank you !








Create your own positive Energy Vortex for healing and magnifying intentions

Positive Crystal Energy Whorl with White Tara                                September 23 2018

New work by Tilly Campbell-Allen, Autumn 2017,

New work by Tilly Campbell-Allen, Autumn 2017,


I received instructions  from the White Tara, while channeling the consciousness of tree species spruce, fir and hemlock to create a positive energy portal.


I had to start accumulating crystals and preparing them.


The energy vortex  had to be completed by the Harvest moon (Equinox)



I followed my instructions, finding , choosing crystals and getting them ready . I had to have the consciousness of each of the stones in synch with the job at hand, and using ThetaHealing, this was all accomplished. I had to have the right gauge  and colour copper wire and this was obtained.

The vortex was completed for the Harvest moon and prepared for the healing and raising frequency work ahead.


The positive crystal energy vortex started up with a energy frequency of 3590 Hz on the David Hawkins Scale of Consciousness, as I calibrated according to the link on Etienne Charland (Theta/ Creator  and Archangel Denise)


Then I asked Creator to link the vortex with the Focused Life Force Energy and the calibration instantly shot up to 5226 Hz frequency.




No photos were allowed to be published for protection,  and to keep them unique (anyone can ask for the instructions from COATI or White Tara) and create their own to help raise the frequency on the planet, and bring healing energy into their home.


Transcript of oral channel Douglas Fir, Spruce and Hemlock

Oral Channeled message- transcript of trees on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, Fiona is the channeler unless otherwise stated.


Transcript of recorded message from the trees on Vancouver Island  August 26th 2018


This started with the message from the White Tara, who instructed me to create a positive energy vortex with a series of crystals.

She indicated that she would then empower this ring of crystals with unconditional love and this would create a positive energy portal that would bring a greater change and force for healing and directing prayers and meditative energy in my healing centre.

See my later blog on this …


There was a message of unconditional love and support and understanding from Spruce (the species, as represented by the most Ancient One).


Soon after that there was the huge amazing presence of a Douglas Fir, speaking for the consciousness of the species, an ancient, giant of a tree that towered over me, probably a 700- 800 year old tree. He gave a message of love and acknowledgement of my being a conduit for the voice of the consciousness of Cathedral Grove trees earlier that day.

He then gave me a Big hug and it was filled with unconditional love, and a message which at the time was not recorded. He talked of peace and love and anchoring the God Presence of Light on the planet, and that his species was not only represented upon Earth but other planets.

The recording started soon after that. Thank you to Emma who recorded this for me


Douglas Fir male energy


….bring the energies of the different trees together so we may live in peace and oneness Consciousness …

Thank you

And that you also bring a vibration of drinking, of water to have help those suffering in drought on other parts of the planet. You bring your energy of receiving rain and that your roots are drinking, drinking, copious amounts of water, and so this energy helps others that are on other parts of the planet that are parched that are waiting for rain . It helps them to vibrate that energy in order to attract that same energy, and therefore bring themselves drink, rain.


Thank you for helping me see this, understand this

It is miraculous for me and thank you for showing me this it’s amazing.



And Hello Lady Hemlock


And thank you for your embrace (still addressing Douglas Fir)


Lady Hemlock


You (says Hemlock) are very graceful and dainty and I see you in this light , full of beauty and mercy, you are full of Grace, And I see this

Thank you for showing me

Thank you for all the energy you brought towards the forest , towards the consciousness of Cathedral Grove today (August 26th 2018)  we hear you

We hear your prayers

We heard through the Consciousness, the Divine, the connection consciousness your conversation, your entire conversation with the consciousness of Cathedral Grove today.


And we believe we have something to contribute as Hemlock  and that is a vibrancy of youth on this planet – the youthful aspect of ourselves is something that unites the smaller- the saplings and the ancient ones , and I come to you as a youthful (and that is a relative term for you humans) a youthful Hemlock that helps to bridge the gap between the ancient ones and the young ones – the saplings-and we love our saplings our, offspring  , as you love your children , and I think you understand… that , you understand that now, that the love you have with your – between parent and child is the same that we have between ourselves and our saplings and seedlings .

And so we wish for you humanity to understand this, that we have true feelings towards our young , true feelings and when they struggle , we struggle with our feelings , and we help them through our roots as much as we can .

And although we struggle for light , and compete for light, through our roots it all balances and we are in synchronicity and so any sacrifice you see, has (in fact) been a mutual decision in the grove , and so from an external view point you do not always see this but many of your scientists now are starting to understand the connectivity between our roots and the symbiotic relationships that we have even between species and so there is this growth eternal, internal , external , and beyond the capacity of this planet as Douglas Fir has spoken , that many of our species are also representative on other planets , and through our joys we speak to them of our joys – those on other planets, of our victories , of our off spring of our loved ones around us , and of the birds that partake in our branches , and the air that runs through our leaves , the water touching our roots and washing off our leaves , and we tell them of these delights and wonders and the sun shining so gloriously on our leaves and we share this in the nature and in the spirit of commeraderie and love with grace and understanding so that we may bring our unity consciousness closer and despite the many  light years that lie between us on this planet Earth, the Blue Planet, and  the Green Planet that is vast light years from where we are in this space, in this part of space where we are in the Cosmos

And I could show you where this is if you want to see where this is….


Oh yes thank you !

In the vastness…

So I see this nebula thing it’s like a cloud of white and blue… scattered, so there’s this long, streaky white bit that comes kind of to the right and then two blue bits on the side and then on the left is a pinky part (they all look like clouds) and in that part is a green planet of Earth Saplings , they say of Earth saplings (young trees we see here on Earth) .

Thank you for showing me

And yes, you have a beautiful shape, beautiful branches, gorgeous, thank you .

Thank you for your message

Thank you for these understandings we have reached

Thank you



Please forgive me

I am so sorry for all the harm done, please forgive me,

I wash you with unconditional love

Thank you for all that you do for our planet

Thank you


Resonating Peace, Unconditional love , Joy,

Thank you.