Marisa Russo – powerful you tube Meditation

This meditation is laser targeted to shift and manifest things in your life according to your intention and energy field. Fasten your seat belt, life is going to take off for you now !

Freeing Women Activation & Certificate from Marisa Russo

Founder of Forensic Healing™, Marisa Russo offers the following free on her website

This is a very powerful healing that will allow positive energy  shifts in your life ! Take advantage of this free offer and her start up course on Forensic Healing ™!


Marisa Russo- Meditation to transform your life

Have a listen to this healing and beautiful meditation  by Marisa Russo, founder of the amazing energy healing modality, Forensic Healing


to release energy blockages to succeeding in your goal (one at a time- listen to this meditation multiple times to shift multiple things within yourself). It shifts things on all levels, physically, mainly with breath, but also DNA,  mentally, emotionally and on a soul level. Ground yourself first, shake it out if you need to during the meditation, and ground yourself afterwards too. Enjoy and journal the changes that happen in your life to follow the realtime shifts and life  transformations !

Be aware of what you take in

Honour Yourselves,  and keep vigil of what you
have vaccinated into yourself and your innocent dependents

watch on TV, social media, etc
smooth into your skin
lather and spray in your hair
drop in you eyes
adourn yourself with eg. energy conducting metals
let touch your skin- under what conditions were those clothes stitched? What dyes and anti-crease/wrinkle free formulas were used?

I encourage you to be aware of the origins of your food- how was it grown?

Is it genetically modified or is it a natural hybrid?

Be aware that recently many foods sold as organic have been found to be unscrupulously labeled as such and the USDA cannot moniter the flood of food at the borders everyday.

Medical Medium has warned against soy, corn, canola and sugar, and furthermore I advice caution when consuming  wheat,  dairy, unsprouted  grains, unsoaked nuts, seeds, legumes and grains.
What chemicals are in your drinks?

Your adult body needs 8 x 250 milliliters of PURE water a day.

Coffees and teas are not water, neither are smoothies or soft drinks. They have a different molecular structure and therefore are absorbed in a different physiological way in the body. The H2O molecules have to line up in order for the semipermeable cell membranes to efficiently absorb water.

Are you living in a state of constant, low- level dehydration?

Is your medication blocking the natural pathway of your body notifying your brain of it’s dehydration? Many medications do block this pathway.
Is your food being efficiently digested? If you are not drinking 2 cups of water at least 30 minutes before a meal, then digestion is not efficient.

Are your joints adequately turgid and hydrated? If not you could be breaking down the cartiledge that allows for the smooth gliding of your joints in motion, or allowing your discs between your spinal vertebrae (your natural “shock absorbers”) to be seriously reduced in volume.


Also take care of our home planet where you can- every little bit is a contribution..

Recommended Reading:

keep vigil of what is burned
chopped down
on the Red Data list ( and what you can do in your community to help out the environment;
covered with cement and asphalt
broadcast in the ocean
broadcast in the skies
on our beautiful planet,including the debris of our own negative thoughts which build up as heavy energetic matter on the Earth’s surface and blocks the natural meridian lines of the planet often to the point of a disastarous culmination of natural forces in order to raize, cleanse, purge and renew and regrow.