Message from Cathedral Grove Treedom with advice from St Germaine..


Message from Cathedral Grove Treedom     May 16th 2017


As I align with Source Energy on the 7th Plane, I ask to be in touch with the consciousness on the planet who most urgently wants to speak and connect with me/ humanity.


I am immediately overwhelmed with a loving energy that has an ancient voice/presence.


Behold! We have your attention now! We, the Old Growth Forests are few and far between. We hold a great burden of responsibility as we have chosen…


[Interruption by life around me, the channel.]


I am sorry for that interruption.


It is noted.


We proceed now with our intent for this message to reach and grow out and touch many lives of those humans you reach with your teachings.

We have lost so many souls of our brotherhood and sisterhood.

We bring you joy and we share your greatest joys, for in those moments we are linked in the great plane of Existence that ties all Creation of life together in a “love knot” if you will.


It is on this Plane of Love that we unite, we understand,

we forgive,

we let, we allow

– through our openness,  the feeling of love to flow in brotherhood and sisterhood of unity- a bond that never ties DOWN.

We come in peace to your hearts as you allow it.


Keeping pace with your ups and downs of spirit is draining on your energy systems and as you have spoken before, what is happening inside is mirrored on your outside world. What is being drained in your world – which is also our world-  your most precious resources! And we are part of that. We are here to remind you. We are part of that great resource as we bring unity and anchor the energies of peace, stability, harmony, in ways that you do not know impact every aspect of your lives. Now and today and forever, NOW.

 We are with grace and ease offering a venture of becoming one with your ideals, you plans for the land. We assert that we need to be seen as assets, need to be taken care of with love and respect as we (also) impart to you with all the fruits, shade, medicinal leaves and so forth, the blossoms, as the natural course of life for us that we lead here on this Earth that we share.


We know peace

We want to impart peace to you.

We want you to know peace

We want you to allow peace to penetrate and seep into the depth of your souls, your lives, and the planet’s so we can be as “on one page” as you term it.

Hah! Ironic. Our wood for your pages of paper!


We cleanse and clear your environment when you don’t even have the thought that you toss down your besmirching comments, feelings and labours creating chaos in the flow of Life Force Energy of Chi. Sustaining little life in its path.

We work, and our Tree Devas  too, to clear what we can, constantly.


Join up on higher Earth planes to see better  this energetic  debris.

Once you see

You will believe.


Reach up, reach out your consciousness to maintain ancestral links with us, the trees and the Tree Devas and with angelic guidance  and help, you will ascertain a freeing mental state, a state of flow, a rhythm of unity, shared heart -beat of life  that comes forth from Creator Source Energy unto all life, you included, us included, and in this way we are One and the same.


Tall oaks were revered for their power in the days of old, when you folks were tied closer to the land in your primitive ways- as you might view them now.

They were times of spiritual evolution and joy, reverence and respect for all life. Simpler times.

Times of joy, health, freedom and connection.

You can still have much of your modern lifestyle while still being in a state of love and connected with all beings on this planet.

Try it.

We beg you to do so.

We will assist you with all our love  as our souls are scattered as a skin  around our planet, keeping her intact, but as your skin prematurely ages with all aspects of the lifestyles you lead, so the mirror action  IS.

The skin of our planet is also in decline.

As you know, the skin is the largest organ of your body. Without it, how vulnerable are you?

How much in pain?

How much forest has been burned? Cut? Cleared? Raized? Reduced? Polluted?

We are talking about the fundamental integrity of our planet .

We plea here and now that you humanity look after your interests and ours.

Having pockets of trees is not the same as a natural distribution.


Smaller clusters, closer together.


Our roots hold the integrity of the whole group.

We support and assist each other.

Rows of trees are less powerful than clusters.

Please understand this as you plant in cities- and we are grateful that you do at all.

Please accept our love and compassion for you  as we have for all life, particularly all the beautiful souls that fly, jump, creep and crawl in and around us.

(Sense of overwhelming love)


We are Cathedral Grove Treedom rejoicing in contact with humanity, asking for care with burning sticks in your mouths, your camping fires, over the northern hemisphere summer months.


And we ask that you pray for our northern brothers and sisters in Light who are subjected to the pine beetle  control fires  deliberately set, although this is not always portrayed as such, and there are misunderstandings as a result.

We simply want to share with you to broaden your understanding , in the hopes of a deeper sense of  compassion as we always feel for you.

With integrity and strength we honour our role on this earth. We anchor the love, the life force energy, and we patiently wait for you to awaken .

Gently and with Peace

We honour your kindness and kind thoughts towards us.

Love and Light

Your loving Treedom at Cathedral Grove.


From – Ascended Master St Germaine, and  Lady Aurora

Right now the trees need to be fed the colour blue, allow in your visualisation and intention the colour blue/ indigo to flow and wash over the entire plant.

They tell me that with all the weather engineering and on top of that the Mother who is clearing her energies on the surface by shaking off via the severe weather conditions, that there is an imbalance of the water containment, water availability for the trees around the planet and they need to resonate the blue hue of water in order to attract the rain , as per the Universal Law of Attraction and  the clear resonance with the Elements of the Universe- H2O.

This is the colour on our planet, the blue planet. Sustaining this vision also allows the Mother to Grow to her true nature and integrity to her full power, to her complete rejuvenation , her clearing and resetting to pristine beauty and wilderness in the appropriate areas, so we may all gain and sustain ourselves from that. Ah Ho. Honour to All Life.




light beamGratitude and forgiveness are two of the most powerful tools we have in our lives. Working with the Universal Law of Attraction and wielding these 2 tools, you can become a Master of your life and live in utter joy and peace. Ask me how to get started

Putting thought into our words

flowers2I realise that when I say “I am sorry” automatically for some minor infraction (this was taught to me as a child!), that I am announcing an emotional state, and so my subconscious is therefore creating more things for me to be sorry for , whereas if I say “I apologise” then this takes the emotion out of it and the “I am….” out of it, one is still acknowledging one’s mistake without having the pattern repeat in one’s life! It’s subtle, like the difference between empathy and compassion- compassion is the detached form of empathy, not allowing oneself to be pulled down to the same low vibration, yet still supporting that person by actually uplifting them. So I am joyful instead and more thoughtful about the words I choose to speak, and if there is cause for me to apologise, I will, or if I am truly sorry I will find the most appropriate way to express it ! Wishing for all of you pure joy and MORE joy! 🙂)

Vywamus Unity Consciousness Feb3 2017

ABRIDGED VERSION Message from Vywamus-   Unity Consciousness    February 3, 2017


Yes, it is I, Vywamus

I bring you wisdom from the Universe  the codes, the DNA Shift, soon of which will be known to you again . This will bring forth peace on Earth and Goodwill towards mankind and womankind


See the paradigm shift when we speak of womankind?

We need the unity of the 2 – embodiments of Love and Light in the male and the female form.


To understand the Solar Christ Consciousness-

We must first begin to to break down the concepts locked into each word:



The heart of Light, Central Sun as defined in Consciousness- brilliant awareness.


As in an expanded meaning of what you on Earth perceive to be true.

Yes, this is Sananda, in all his glory and Oneness with the Universe on all levels, and this is the part that is so difficult for you on Earth in your 3-D reality to live, to understand, to grasp.

These moments you have of a 4-D and 5-D experience, coupled with moments of pure enlightenment,  perhaps with the assistance of your angels.

You will better imagine this after glimpses into your futures – in the NOW.

Expansive events will commence soon bringing awareness to all corners of your Earth.

Pay deep attention to these whispers in time, because they will make you more aware of progress  to future times not far down the road.




(How about the last word: Consciousness?)


We are Divine Beings and Beings of the Divine. Do you see how the definition turned around there? But still remains true. Heartfelt.

Yogananda has taught many in the ways of Consciousness

The Expanded Beingness of Light; Abundance of the Universe; Expanded awareness of space, and space between place.

True awareness of all beings in the Universe- without being overwhelmed with the mass chatter of thought.

Trying to control thoughts is one of your great lessons in life on Earth

Are you beginning to see why it is so important?

Indeed, we do see how thoughts have influenced so much of your world- as you/ humanity  has created it.


Master your thoughts and you Master your Soul, your world, your reality.


Manifest abundance to your hearts’ content and gain insight, renewal of body and energy in these fluxing planes of existence for you

It is a hard task to master. We understand. We know the frustration, but have been witness to great achievements and ideas.

Maintain your thoughts in the positive to help guide your emotions to be positive- and thus run your lives.

To be witness to greatness in Beingness is our greatest joy, and we have seen this and know it is possible although each situation and person and event is unique.




Lift your state of Unity with others to a place of Reverence, Humility, that is tangible.

You are all God, beloved creatures in spirit- horse, fly, human, all  beloved creations of Source Light Divine.

Behold unto this idea, this ideal- Reverence for All Life – Oneness for All.

This is Unity Consciousness-

A place of deep vibrational attunement to all in the universe.

Brilliant orbs of Light, Lightworkers, angles, Archangels, Masters, Beings of Light from other  universes:

We attend to you in your states of Consciousness as you attempt to uplift yourselves and your world, and we cheer you on from the sidelines (only) as we are required to do by Cosmic Law – lack of  interference is harmony and peace.


(Thank you)


Purity and Ecstasy of thoughts, exulted thoughts,  thoughts of the Light, as beacons in your heart-  in your heart-mind and heart –body, and heart –soul and heart – being.

Unity within as well as without

This is also fundamental in union with God Source.


When we reach this point  of exaltation we have reached union with God, Solar Christ Consciousness, Unity and Oneness, becoming Light Body, becoming Peace.


These are all ways to reach this point- harbouring Purity in one’s heart space at all times- Peace…Love




Loving Thoughts Always,

Vywamus- Sanat Kumara.