“Into the Magic Shop” by Prof Jim Doty, Stanford U, CCARE Dir.

Professor of neurosurgery at Stanford University, Dr Jim Doty,  founded and directs the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE). This philanthropist, who had a troubled upbringing,  has given millions  to support global health care and educational charities. He owes his inspiration to a woman called Ruth who mentored him through one summer as preteen.


What we now know through science is that caring and nurturing is not only necessary for survival but it’s necessary for thriving. When we are around others, when we support others, when we are kind to others, when the hard-wiring within us (which I would submit to you is our default mode) is engaged, the recognition of another’s suffering and the desire to alleviate that suffering switches us from engagement of our sympathetic nervous system to increased tone of the vagus nerve and stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system. When that is stimulated, this gives one a sense of calmness, a desire to connect, it lowers your blood pressure, it brings to baseline those hormones associated with stress, it boosts your immune system, and ultimately it’s associated with an increase in longevity because your physiology is working at its best.” Jim Doty.

Earthing or Grounding- immediate and effective health benefits




I recommend my clients do a some research on grounding or earthing and see if this would apply to them.

See the book “Earthing : the most important health discovery ever!” by Clinton Ober and others.

I recommend this especially for those who :

suffer from chronic illness

eat GMO foods and non- organic food largely and regularly

have inflammation anywhere in their body

are stressed

have fibroids (women)

are wanting to conceive

suffer from poor circulation at the extremities of the body (esp older men and diabetics and those who have little time in demanding, sedentary jobs for exercise)

suffer from heart conditions, respiratory or digestive issues

have suffered injuries

had surgery

have old injuries

do extreme sports,  and participate in marathons

do daily work that has a greater incidence of “wear and tear” on the physical body

have children or dependents (including pets) who have social, behavioural and/or learning challenges

have children or dependents who suffer from any of the above.

Grounding goes to work immediately  (within minutes to hours) and over time (months) chronic issues have been found to be ameliorated significantly, healing “sped up”, recovery “sped up”, conceiving of a baby in one case within 2 months after using a grounding mat/ pad/ sheet nightly, after 8 years of infertility.


The products can be expensive so I suggest to shop around, there can be deals where shipping is free over a certain price.

One can also construct one’s own grounding mat for a bed using metallic tape attached to copper wire threaded out the window and around a metal conductor (a stake) pushed safely into damp ground (to be checked regularly in areas of drought (keep area damp for conductivity), where animals frequent that chew or could pull on such things, and areas of frequent frost)

Talk by Mary Rodwell


This talk addresses the hybridization, alien DNA, human upgraded DNA and multiple encounters and experiences by each individual – all children. This included interviews, drawings, and direct quotes, with the backstory from puzzled parents.

Time for humanity to break out of naiivity, old beliefs, paradigms, perspectives, mindsets, and realise that we are, like it or not, part of a bigger galactic community, not isolated as many assume. Our planet is very closely observed by both malevolent and benevolent species , and beyond that there is interference in our genetic material. We appear to be part of a very large experiment, essentially. We are a free will planet and this we take for granted. We need to ensure our freedom, our separation from the enslavement that is our daily grind, and from there we can then truly feel gratitude for our freedoms, free will, and sovereignty. We cannot separate from the enslavement until we recognize these boundaries and shackles in which we live, we can then define the borders from which we need to break free, and become once again, empowered.

The Soul module of Forensic Healing is one way to free your soul, your mind from this enslavement, and start to understand the big picture.

Invest in your freedom, your  health and your multidimensional self and try a session of Forensic Healing including the Soul Module. January 2018, book one session and receive 20% off your second session!


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