Brief Messages of Love from AA Gabriel, Arcturians and Andromedans

Brief Messages from Archangel Gabriel, Arcturians, and Andromedans. December 26/27 2016

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One can open and reveal one’s path with integrity when aligned with Creator.


To find alignment

Just Be

Just be Love

Just follow Love

Focus on love an peace towards humanity.


The Arcturians and Andromedans

We are the Arcturians, and we come with a message of love to you and your planet Earth.


We offer love and attentive protection against attack on your planet by your own people of the dark side

Please enlist us in your plans of love, unity, peace, endurance as you vision your new serene Earth home, and as new, rejuvenated, beautiful, cleansed, and loving and peaceful.

We offer love and attendance on your duties on you Mother Earth

Please allow us to be present in your meditations, and visions of the new loving cleansed Earth, habitable by all in love and peace.


We see a way to achieve this.

Please keep prayers (of help) coming our way to involve us and enlist our help, because we can help you all, Earthllngs.

Thank you.


We are the Andromedans,

We come to you also with love in our hearts, and a message of love on our lips.

You are assigned to riches beyond your imaginings for your Earthly work.

Be not intimiadated with task of “cleanup” (of the environment) but see this in joy and unity and as a task done with love and the support of us and others.

Thank you goodnight.



Fiona M

Fiona M

Fiona is a Certified Reiki Practitioner from Port Moody, BC, Canada.She is also a certified ThetaHealer®, Animal Healer and Animal Communicator, and Akashic Record Reader. Fiona channels many Higher Consciousness Beings of Light and uses her intuitive abilities to assist her clients. She is in the process of gaining her diploma in the powerful healing modality of Forensic Healing ®, founded by Marisa Russo
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