Other Healing Modalities

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I do not blend Usui Reiki or Karuna® Reiki with other healing modalities in accordance with the regulations of the Canadian Reiki Association.

Forensic Healing ™

img_4874 My “Free Woman” certificate, signed by Marisa Russo, founder and owner of Forensic Healing™ in Vancouver on the last day of her 7 Day Live Training Event, November 27th, 2016

This energy healing modality was created by Marisa Russo  in Australia who has healed herself from years of sexual abuse as a child, and has healed thousands of men and women in stress, pain and illness over the 6 years since she created the fast, simple and effective healing technique. Forensic Healing™ combines the science of forensics with intuition in order to “solve the case” of why blocks or illnesses are present in people’s lives.

Marisa Russo travels the world teaching and speaking at live training events, demonstration events and on radio shows to further her mission of empowering women to free themselves from suffering, low self esteem, lack of self care and guilt. She inspires women to turn their pain into power and change their lives, also transforming those of their children as they witness their mothers’ increased self care, self respect and self worth. The transformation occurs with letting go the energy blocks, putting self care first, and trusting in the Universal Law of Attraction and the ripple effects are felt through the family.

For a limited time Fiona is offering sessions using the Forensic Healing™ technique at a reduced rate!

Email  fiona@mossomcreekreiki.com for details!

Fiona now has her diploma in FH after 7 day Live training in LA with Marisa !!IMG_9606



Reiki w kyanite

ThetaHealing® is energy healing by means of a practitioner going into a Theta brainwave, connecting with Source energy and becoming a conduit for the energy. It includes rooting out old belief systems that are the underlying cause of stress, pain and sometimes disease or accidents, and having Source energy download the client with new positive beliefs, and also Source’s perspective of perfection in all aspects and facets of the client’s life, and witnessing the 3  steps. There are many other aspects to the this energy healing modality and it is very versatile including healing for plants, animals, Earth, baby in the womb, scanning the body, calling on guardian angels, removing negative energies including curses etc, property clearing, clearing resentments, returning soul fragments, connecting with an ancestor, re-creating a broken soul, healing genetics etc.

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Other modalities include :

* Akashic Record Healing/ Reading

* Pacific Westcoast Energy Healing©,

*Lemurian Healing,

*Light Language activations©,

*EDINA™ healing,

*Oracle card Reading,


*Shamanic/ Power animal healing

*Animal Healing and Communication

*Tree Whispering