Animal Communication and Healing

IMG_7150 aboutAnimal Communication and Animal Healing is now offered by Mossom Creek Reiki and Wellness

Please note that the Animal Healing done here is NOT the same system as Animal Reiki Healing, which is now recognised as a separate Healing form from Reiki for people by the Canadian Reiki Association.

In addition, Animal Healing offered here DOES NOT take the place of medical/ veterinary care for animals in your care.

Animal Healing requested by Guardians are scheduled in conjunction with a healing session for the animal guardians as there is a close connection in wellness between animals and their guardians. More rapid and lasting healings tend to occur as a result of the dual healing .

Animal and Plant Communication and Healing are offered.

Tree Whispering workshop offered 2018…

Animal Communication is a two way communication that can be done in person or via remote methods in order to create a better relationship between the animal/s and their care-givers. Care- givers can receive information including that regarding diet, relationships, behaviour, whereabouts, pain, emotional state and transition (end of life) time.

Animal Healing is offered to compliment veterinary care, ease pain, ease transition at the end of life, ease emotional issues and thereby bring a relationship between care-giver and animal to a place of greater understanding, compassion, care and respect.
Please note: Animals have their own mind !!! Therefore there are no guarantees as to the subject or amount of information received from any animal. In the case of behaviour modification at least two sessions over at least 2 days are required in order to build up acquaintance and trust with the animal before there can be suggestion of behaviour modification.
Rates: $75 for a minimum of 3 x 10-20 minutes of healing or communication or combination thereof, depending on the co-operation/ permission of the animal.