Akashic Record Reading/ Healing

What is the Akashic Record, and how does it help us?

The Akashic Record is the recording in energy form of every thought, action word emotion and experience that has every occurred in time and space (all lifetimes and all realities and dimensions). It is a holographic repository of information which is imprinted on the Love energy that creates the Universe and it is continually being updated. Some have described it as the DNA of the Universe.


Anyone can access it, at any time since it is our birthright to have access to the Divine Wisdom stored in our Akashic Record, since we are all connected to this energy of Love and it is what connects us all together. However, no-one can access our Akashic Record without our permission, as there are Keepers or Guardians of the Records that protect our personal Akashic Record.
Even the potential of future has a record, and every person event and organization.
The Akashic Record has been referred to in the Bible as the Book of Life, also known as the Cosmic mind, Universal mind, the Eye of God and the Word of God. It is also known in Hinduism and Judaism.
In Tibetan, the word “Aka” means storage space or repository and ”Sa” means sky or hidden or secret. The origin is believed to be equal to that of the origin of Earth.
We can access the Akashic Record, by means of meditation, breathing techniques and a sacred secret prayer of opening the Record. We use your full name at birth, and birth date of current lifetime (over 18) and you need to be of sound body and mind (ie not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and have the Highest intention for yourself). It is a sacred ritual to have the Keepers open the Record for you and it is not to be undertaken lightly.

Recently, new prayers for the opening of the records have been channeled to humanity and include very high vibrational energy, allowing the “veil” to be lifted more, and more awakening and awareness to take place!

All kinds of questions about relationships, health, soul journey and career can be asked, however since we have free will, questions about our future can only be about certain potentials as they stand in the present moment. Normally, people want Akashic Record Readings or healings for the purpose of :
*Discovering the nature of our soul- our purpose in this lifetime;
*Understanding how choices in the past created the reality of our current state;
*Clearing the negative from the past or current situation.

It allows us to align to our true purpose, to choose Grace and Love and to release negative patterns that are no longer serving us.
Uncover your talents and gifts and discover who you really are!

A reading or healing will entail scanning the body, mind, heart and soul, followed by opening the Akashic Record for this lifetime, sometimes scanning the opportunity “map”- this takes at least an hour.

Please note: Not all findings are revealed instantly, as you will be given the information which will best serve you at this time, and on which you can work at this time.