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Fiona believes that it is important that the client is empowered to heal themselves. As practitioner, she facilitates the healing of the client, offering many tools from her training,  while she holds the sacred space in a high vibration of Unconditional Love in order for the client to heal themselves, as is done in Western Medicine as well. The tools are just a little different between Western Medicine (drugs, radiation, digital scans, surgery) and Complementary Medicine (energy shifts, energy scans, Knowledge, guidance to looking inward, unconditional love).


Complementary Medicine is often mistakenly termed Alternative Medicine -since one does not need to choose between them- Complementary Medicine is designed to work in harmony with Western Medicine.

Positive and Loving Intent, Open Mindedness and Unconditional Love (for self and others/ Universe) are the three keys to successful and miraculous healings on the emotional, mental, spiritual, soul and physical levels. The Energy Healings also extend to finances, relationships, genetics, core, history, and time.

Fiona is a Certified Holy Fire II Reiki Master  and Karuna© Reiki Master Teacher  (registered with the Canadian Reiki Association, and affiliated with the International Centre for Reiki Training), servicing the Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody areas and the Metro Vancouver, who has been practicing for 6 years.
Fiona has a PhD in the sciences but has been aware of her strong intuition since she was a child.
She does Holy Fire II Usui and Karuna©Reiki Energy Healing, including Distance or Remote Reiki Healing, ThetaHealing™, Light Language Activations and symbols,  EDINA, Oracle card reading (certified by Doreen Virtue in a live training event in Vancouver), channeling, Aura and chakra clearing, property clearing, and can receive messages from past lives, power animals, intuitive messages from the body, and other Realms, shamanic journeying and guides. Fiona has certification in Akashic Record Healing/ Reading and also has certification in Animal Healing (different system from Animal Reiki) and Animal Communication, and Animal and Plant ThetaHealing ©. She also holds a diploma in Forensic Healing ™ after 2 live training events with Marisa Russo, the founder, in Vancouver (November 2016) and Los Angeles in October 2017, including healing pathways of principles, energy, physics, emotion, spirit and the new soul module, just released in October 2017.

Fiona is currently doing further training in Forensic Healing™.

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 See http://forensichealing.com, and check out some videos of amazing instant energy healings on the website and you tube!

Other healing modalities that can blend into an energy healing session with Fiona include ThetaHealing®, DreamHealing, Aura Clearing, Shamanism and the language of Masters of Light (Light Language).

Fiona also advises on Psychic Protection and  Property Clearing.

Fiona has been gifted 3 other healing modalities through Spirit and through the Arcturians. In addition she has a constant field of  at least 560 Hz of frequency (the Love and above Frequency) on the David Hawkins Scale of Consciousness map up to 300 ” in a radius around her (see http://flfe.net ).

Her healing room is equipped with Johnathon Goldman’s I AM THAT I AM tuning forks (the sound Frequency of the Name of the Divine Source) and a earthing or grounding mat on the healing table. She also has a positive energy vortex she created  under the channeled guidance  the White Tara in concert with Source which she received in August 2018. The Energy Frequency of this Positive Energy Vortex is  an incredible 5228  Hz on the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness! (Calibrated by method of Etienne Charland)

Fiona is currently working on several new pathways for healing, updating constantly to her “healing toolkit” to keep up with the changing consciousness of the planet, all life on the planet, new generations  and changing / evolving humanity.



Contact Fiona for an in-person session- at a reduced rate- but only for a limited time! Fees increase in January 2019.
Fiona is constantly updating and building on her knowledge and experience, including that of Reiki Holy Fire, Shamanism, drumming, art, intuition and psychic abilities including remote viewing, psychometry, telepathy, aura dowsing, cord cutting, meditations, tea leaf reading, ceromancy, crystal gazing, hydromancy, pendulums, and Tibetan healing bowls.
She sees herself as Teacher, Healer  and a woman on a mission of creating balance, empowerment, unconditional love and peace on the planet through being a conduit for Divine Source to work through her.

Recently she has “smashed through” a conscious barrier, accessing ancient memories, having clairvoyant visions,  receiving greater Knowledge about the origins of the universe and having more and closer connections to other species in the Universe. She now has a much clearer vision of her soul purpose, life mission on the planet, service to humanity and the greater forces in the universe.

She also blends essential oils, writes prose and poetry and does art mostly with nature -inspired themes.
Please contact Fiona to book a session or for more information fiona@mossomcreekreiki.com.


Certified-Angle-Card-ReaderCertified Angel Card Reader
I have accreditation as an Angel Card Reader from Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.


Reiki Master Practitioner , Certified by the Canadian Reiki Association
Member since : July 2013

My Usui Reiki lineage is as follows:

  • Dr Makao Usui- who received enlightenment and brought Reiki back into living memory
  • Dr Chujiro Hayashi
  • Hawayo Takata
  • Phyllis Lei Furumoto
  • Pat Jack, Carrell Farmer, Cherie A. Prasuhn, Leah Smith
  • William L. Rand
  • Elizabeth A. Gilberg
  • Richard R. Rivard
  • Seann Watkins
  • Sylvia Boyd (Dyck)
  • Berna Morrison
  • Kay Passamare
  • Grace Talson
  • Fiona MacEachern

EPSON MFP image“I have done extensive reading on many different healing modalities, including Forensic Healing™, colour, aromatherapy, music, DNA, language of one’s body,  DreamHealing, language and the power of the mind, intention and visualization, Law of Attraction, Past life regression therapy, diet and nutrition, methylation, epigenetics, role of the cerebellum, neurosculpting, movement therapy, how we learn, elements, the importance of water and its physiological role in the body, The Field (web of life), Shamanism and Prayer and Angel Therapy, Matrix Energetics, the role of the subconscious mind, and most of all, Reiki. Through all this, I am confident that Reiki is a subtle but powerful healing tool that seeks to heal for a person’s Highest Good, in a non- invasive, non -denominational, wholistic and safe way.
After all the reading and research, I concluded that there is a set of commonalities between many of these modalities which, in essence, includes meditation, visualization and intent, a positive or upbeat attitude, and gratitude for all the blessings in one’s life. Reiki encompasses and reinforces  all of these aspects of healing.”

Karuna Reiki © Lineage:

William L. Rand and others

Shanti Gaia

Kelly Kiss

Fiona MacEachern


ThetaHealing® Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Plant and Animal Seminar




It is a powerful modality because the practitioner is receiving guidance from Source energy every step of the way and labeling blockages that might be standing in the way of miraculous healing, so that they can be removed.

See more at: http://www.thetahealinginstituteofknowledge.com


Akashic Records


Animal Communication and Healing


Forensic Healing™ Principles, Energy, Physics, Emotions, Spirit, Soul.