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I am a practicing Certified Reiki Master Teacher in Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada, servicing the Port Moody, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Burnaby, New Westminster and Vancouver, British Columbia areas. I also do Distance Reiki Healing as well (Usui and Karuna®). I am registered with the Canadian Reiki Association and an Affiliate Member of the International Center for Reiki Training.
If you are new to Reiki, please feel free to browse the links on my website, or click “What is Reiki”. The first two links are a fund of information about Reiki, news, articles, book reviews, practitioners techniques, etc.

As soon as I learned about Reiki  and took the first level of study, I realized that I had been searching for this opportunity to be a conduit for healing in service to others for more than half of my life.  I had known since I was a teenager that Western medicine was not my path, and there was something different and more wholistic in the Universe for me, so my dreams of being a healer had remained.

At that time I was forming a very academic foundation, which took me on a very different path to that on which I am now. I gained many skills and formed some amazing friendships during this time.

When I founded Mossom Creek Reiki and Wellness, I was starting to become even more aware and in tune with Nature, and I noticed that the nearby creek, Mossom Creek flowed all year round, and was a salmon breeding creek. I see Reiki as a flow of energy bringing positive Universal life force energy in the same way that water is universal life force energy and essential environment for the salmon, during all stages of its life cycle.
Being a Reiki Master Teacher Pracitioner is an honour for me, and there are times when it is a very humbling experience.  I channel for the person’s Highest and Greatest Good and my intention is to be a clear and loving channel for Reiki.

Certified-Angle-Card-ReaderWhen I channel messages during Card Readings, I similarly have the intent to let only Love, Higher Beings and Divine Light make contact .

I think that if everyone in this world  shared Reiki, it would be more peaceful, more healthful, and more fiscally balanced than in any other time in history.

Why don’t you become part of this change, and book your session today?

How can I help you?

Please take a look at my services and contact me if you have questions, and for availability.  Distance healing and Reiki Flows can be scheduled via email or phone or filling in the online form under contact”.

Card Reading can also be conducted over the phone, as well as in person, or online under contact”.

One on One Reiki healing can be booked via email; see contact”.

Please note that I charge by the hour.